Sunday, May 5, 2013

Velox Tweak Available now in Cydia for $1.99

Velox, one of the most anticipated Cydia tweaks of recent memory, is now available in the Cydia store (Jailbroken iOS devices only) for $1.99. So what does Velox do?

Velox brings a new way to interact with your iOS device by allowing you to swipe on certain apps to view notifications, obtain information or to perform certain actions without opening the app. How it interacts with each app is different; with most apps having just displaying notifications while other provide interaction with the app. Velox opens what its developer calls "a folder". You can interact with the information displayed within folder.

The most obvious question is why do I need it? Or why not just open the app itself and do the same actions? Good questions! The quick answer is that using Velox to display the content does so without requiring the app to open and more importantly does NOT stay open in the background long after you obtain the information or action you sought. Normally when you open an app in iOS, the app remains open until you double press the Home button, press and hold the icon to get it in wiggle mode before displaying the "X" so that you can tap the "X" to close the app. You have to repeat the "X" tapping to close each app separately. This is crazy. If you could perform the same action and not keep app running, would that be wonderful? For some of us, the answer is yes. Velox does this; well for some actions.

So what types of actions are available in a folder view? 

iMessage: View the entire SMS or iMessage messages (not summaries), remove the messages from the folder, click to reply to any message shown or compose a new message. The developer say these are all done at the Springboard (the place where the app icons display), but this is true for everything mentioned except replying to a message. The developer must have missed this, because when you tap a message to reply; the iMessages app launches instead of the popover dialog box that appears when a new message is composed from the folder view. I am sure the developer will fix this soon.

Photo: Presents icons that allow you to send the very last picture in your camera roll to your Twitter or Facebook account without selecting the picture. You can also attach it to an email or copy it to the clipboard to pasted into any app that supports pasting.

Mail: Swipe up or down to display a list of recent mail messages. The notification can be swiped to the left to clear the notification. It can be swiped to the right to reply to the message. Again, the reply requires the Mail app to launch, but at least it is reply mode and ready for you to draft your reply. 

The Gmail mail app looks similar in appearance, but the reply to email function is not available. This is the normal behavior for any "unsupported" app. Again, the app has to support notifications and they have to be turned on in the Setting app first.

Notes: Produces a ready to write "New Note" popup screen that allows to type and then save the note.

Phone: Displays a list of recent calls with a phone icon and a "three dot icon" when links to the SMS/iMessage for that caller. Tapping the three dots opens the iMessaging app. Tapping the phone icon does nothing. The developer advertises that it should call the person on the list, but it does not (yet); another oversight on the developers part.

Contacts: Provides a list of contacts with a search box and alphabet slider to allow you find your contacts. 

Music (or iPod):  Swipe to pull up quick access to music controls: Play\Pause; Previous song and Next song. You can also launch the Music app from here if you like. A slider exists to allow you to skip to any part of the music. Album art is shown with the artist, song and album name.

Weather: Swipe up or down to see weather. This also exists in the notifications area, so this is not much of a convenience, except for not having to reach so high up on the screen.

Reminders: Shows a list of reminders, but also shows reminders that are marked as completed. At least it shows an indicator that the reminders are active (dot) or completed (check mark).

Settings: Provides icons for quickly toggling settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, Airplane mode, Mute, Rotation Locking, etc.

The main thing to understand about this tweak is that you have to have notification turned on within the Settings app to allow this tweak to do its thing. If you are like me and have most notification turned off, then you will have to turn some of them on to benefit from this tweak.

This tweak may not play well with some of your other tweaks, so be cautious. The developer is aware of some of the issues prior to releasing the app. The fix may require both tweak developers to communicate and take action, so it may be a matter of hours, days, months or later for some of them to be resolved; so be advised and/or patient.

The developer did not properly beta test the product before launching it. The developer made the tweak available only to a very small list of people instead of a larger test group. Many of these issues would have been found had the developer done its due diligence.

Some have gone so far to say that this is the "best tweak ever". I would not go so far, even if it hadn't had the issues that it was released with. It is just a matte of preference; I would put a few apps or tweaks way above this one on the list of  best Cydia tweaks: Springtomize, SBSettings, and FolderEnhancer (just to name a few). This tweak is definitively worth the $1.99, but I would say wait a few days to a week to get it unless you are ready to have your iOS device be unstable. This would be my advice for any new Cydia tweak or Cydia tweak; especially one that has not have a valid beta test period. 

Update 05/06/13: The troubles I described above are mainly due to the FolderEnhancer tweak compatibility that both developers are aware of. Watch the video below that shows everything working as advertised (except for the camera icon).

Here is description from the developer:

Velox - - iPhone software, apps, games, accesories, ringtones, themes, reviews

Compatible with iOS 6.0 - 6.1.2
Not compatible with iPad yet, this is being worked on.

Velox brings a new way to interact with your iDevice's apps to view notifications and more. With a single swipe up or down on an app you will invoke a folder containing new notifications pertaining to the app right on your home screen. Within the folder tap to view the notification, swipe to the left to dismiss that notification or pull down and you clear them all. Velox goes a step further with some native apps.

* iMessage. Swipe up or down, tap on "Compose new message" and you can send a "quick message".
You can also reply to a message you received, right from the springboard.

* Mail. Invoke Velox, see all your unread mail in a folder. Swipe left to dismiss that email but with a swipe to the right send a "quick reply" or tap compose new to send off a new email to tell your friends how awesome Velox is.

* Photos. Do "the Velox swipe", and you can post the last photo saved on Twitter or Facebook, send it in an eMail or copy it the clipboard to for example send via an iMessage

* Notes. Velox swipe, and you can write a new note on your home screen.

* Phone. See a list of missed calls and text or call them right back from the folder.

* Calendar. Have a quick look at your upcoming events, tap on an event to see the details for that event.

* Weather. Do "the Velox slide" and you're looking at your location's weather for the day. Just a swipe to the left or right and you can filter though all of your saved locations.

* Settings. You'll have instant access to some of the main settings for your iDevice: Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, Rotation Lock, Respring, Data, Mute, Location Services, DND and Flash.

* iPod. Quick swipe and you can start your tunes rocking, skip back and forth, pause and scrub through your tracks right from your home screen. Don't forget a tap on the album art and drop right inside your music collection. Also! works with any app that plays music, like Spotify, TuneIn etc.

* Camera. Take a photo or video from your home screen, directly save it to your camera roll

* Safari. Invoke Velox and you can browse to any website that you need to from the home screen.

* Downloads. Swipe on an app that is downloading and you see the download progress bar in the "Velox style" along with the progress in percent

Please don't be an "oyk," pay for it. The devs and designer need to buy their energy drinks and sweets to bring you the updates that we have started to work on.

Velox is compatible with these: Auxo, Zephyr, Abstergo, infinifolders, BiteSMS, Springtomize 2 and many others. Currently we know that the following are NOT compatible with Velox: SBRotator or FolderCloser.
We are working on getting Velox to play nice with them.

Developed by Benno & Daniel designed by Steve making up Team Apex.

Configure options from Settings app.

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