Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Velox - One of the most anticipated Cydia Tweaks to Launch soon

Once in a while, there are jailbreak tweaks that warrant the community's attention even those that are yet to be released.

Some of these special cases are when a certain well-known developer is working on something new or the Cydia tweak or app is simply cool In its own right. This was certainly the case with a previous hit tweak called Auxo.

Now, we have another tweak that I know most of you will love to keep on your radar. The name of this yet to be released tweak is Velox.

Velox will allow you to gesture on an application's icon to pull down a special hidden folder that will get you access to notifications and even app functions.

For instance, pulling down on the Settings app will provide toggles for Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. While gesturing on the Messaging app show will recent SMS message or allow you to send a message.

While these actions by themselves may not seem all that fascinating to the passerby, it really is a great step forward in improving the iOS interface which is in a real need of a facelift. The visuals and design of the Velox interface is very promising.

Every since Jeff, over at http://www.idownloadblog.com, put up the YouTube video, the Jailbreak world has been anticipating Velox's arrival into the Cydia store. Looks like we have just a few more days to wait.

The Velox tweak is now available. Read my review and watch my video of it in action.
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