Thursday, April 18, 2013

Streaming Podcasts via the Stitcher Radio on iOS

A listener of the Today in iOS podcast asked about the best app to stream podcasts. The app that immediately come to mind, because I use it daily and I was actually using it to listen to the Today in iOS podcast from which the caller asked the question, is the Stitcher app. I am heavy podcast listener; however, I have not downloaded a podcast in a while. Since my iPhone 4S days, I only streamed podcasts using the free app - Stitcher Radio. Stitcher streams just as well on the 3G, 4G, LTE or WIFI networks.

Stitcher allows you to mark podcasts as favorites or create playlists for your podcasts. It is called Stitcher because it stitches your list of podcasts together to create your own personal radio station. It doesn't matter whether the podcast is a daily, weekly, monthly or whenever they get a chance to update the podcast show, Stitcher will play the next available podcast with the newest content. You can place the shows in the order that you desire, so you can place the daily shows at the top so that you get the latest content first. The longer you listen to your personal show, the older content will play eventually play. You can jump to any show or even a particular episode of any show at anytime.

You can get recommended shows that are similar to the shows that you are listening to or have saved as favorites or in your playlists. So this feature allows you to find content that you may never know about if you were just listening to podcasts in the Apple Podcast app.

Additionally, they have a channel called "Smart Station" that will automatically add shows to this smart station based on your thumb ups and thumb downs.

Lastly, They even have live radio stations that allows you to listen to live radio stations that are near your location or via category based selections like talk, sports, music or location.

I love this app and I listen to it twice daily; in the morning as I head to work and again or the return trip home. My car has a Bluetooth enable radio and I love streaming it into the car's stereo system, but mostly I enjoy it via my LH HBS700 Bluetooth headset, Jambone JamBOX Bluetooth speaker or BOSE QuietComfort 15 wired headphones.

Stitcher is available in the Appstore for the iPad and the iPhone.

Carl W. Brooks

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