Wednesday, April 17, 2013

iSteve is available for watching online

There are a couple of movies scheduled to be released this year about the life and times of Steve Jobs. They have yet to be made available.

Comedy web site Funny or Die released its satirical movie about Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, called iSteve. It is the first movie to be released this year about Steve Jobs and is made to be silly and fun.
The movie is available as a free stream via the Funny or Die web site.

Directed by Ryan Perez, iSteve stars Justin Long of Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers fame, who portrays Steve Jobs. If you hadn't seen those two movies, you might remember the actor thanks to his amusing depiction of the Mac computer in Apple’s Mac vs. PC commercials. .

Other roles include Lost‘s Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, James Urbaniak as Bill Gates and Michaela Watkins playing Melinda Gate.

Check out the trailer on YouTube.

iSteve runs one hour and eighteen minutes long, nearly as long as an regular feature-length flick. This is Funny or Die’s longest video project.

The film is not intended to be taken serious and has some very funny moments. It will probably piss off some Apple and Microsoft fan boys. I am not sure if it has a rating letter applied, but it would probably be rated "R" due to language and virtual sex simulations.

Watch the entire online iSteve movie here on the Funny or Die website.

If you had the time to sit through the whole thing, what was your impression about iSteve? I loved the bit when young Bill Gates is pounding at the computer with a hammer; a real computer genius at work! LOL!!

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