Thursday, April 18, 2013

Streaming Podcasts via the Stitcher Radio on iOS

A listener of the Today in iOS podcast asked about the best app to stream podcasts. The app that immediately come to mind, because I use it daily and I was actually using it to listen to the Today in iOS podcast from which the caller asked the question, is the Stitcher app. I am heavy podcast listener; however, I have not downloaded a podcast in a while. Since my iPhone 4S days, I only streamed podcasts using the free app - Stitcher Radio. Stitcher streams just as well on the 3G, 4G, LTE or WIFI networks.

Stitcher allows you to mark podcasts as favorites or create playlists for your podcasts. It is called Stitcher because it stitches your list of podcasts together to create your own personal radio station. It doesn't matter whether the podcast is a daily, weekly, monthly or whenever they get a chance to update the podcast show, Stitcher will play the next available podcast with the newest content. You can place the shows in the order that you desire, so you can place the daily shows at the top so that you get the latest content first. The longer you listen to your personal show, the older content will play eventually play. You can jump to any show or even a particular episode of any show at anytime.

You can get recommended shows that are similar to the shows that you are listening to or have saved as favorites or in your playlists. So this feature allows you to find content that you may never know about if you were just listening to podcasts in the Apple Podcast app.

Additionally, they have a channel called "Smart Station" that will automatically add shows to this smart station based on your thumb ups and thumb downs.

Lastly, They even have live radio stations that allows you to listen to live radio stations that are near your location or via category based selections like talk, sports, music or location.

I love this app and I listen to it twice daily; in the morning as I head to work and again or the return trip home. My car has a Bluetooth enable radio and I love streaming it into the car's stereo system, but mostly I enjoy it via my LH HBS700 Bluetooth headset, Jambone JamBOX Bluetooth speaker or BOSE QuietComfort 15 wired headphones.

Stitcher is available in the Appstore for the iPad and the iPhone.

Carl W. Brooks

Auxo Tweak Coming To iPad Next Month

Great news for iPad users who are missing the popular Auxo jailbreak tweak on their tablet devices. Today the developer behind this awesome and popular jailbreak tweak has just announced that Auxo jailbreak tweak will be coming for iPad next month.

While I always thought Auxo looked great on the iPhone 5′s larger screen, I’d imagine it will look even better on the iPad. The screenshot above pretty much says as much.

Auxo brings a completely re-imagined take on the iOS task switcher. Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry (with inspiration from Lorand Koncz) Coded & Developed by Jack Willis (with assistance from Jamie D.)

For the App Switcher, Auxo replaces the standard icon view with versatile app cards. Along with being able to preview each app, you can also swipe them down to remove. You can even remove more than one app by using multiple fingers! If you want to remove all your apps in one swoop, simply tap and hold on an app to bring up Auxo’s custom switcher-prompt. Hit yes, and your switcher is completely empty.

The redesigned Playback page not only improves the audio controls, but gives you more information about what’s currently playing as well. Just tap on the album art icon to pop up a full-size version of the artwork. You can also access a volume slider by swiping up within the switcher.

Lastly, the Toggles page gives you access to various system shortcuts, saving you from a trip to the Settings app! You’ll find Auxo’s toggles directly above the brightness slider. Simply swipe up and down to switch between the two rows of toggles. You can also tap and hold on any toggle to jump right into its dedicated Settings pane.

Until now we don't have a specific ETA for the tweak's release for the iPad but it’s fairly safe to say that it will be out sometime in May. Of course, I will have a full in-depth preview of the tweak as it nears release. Stay tuned. An

Facebook's Chatheads Available on iOS

When Facebook announced its HTC First phone and the Home software, it also released a feature called Chatheads. Chatheads allows you to navigate the Facebook app on your Smartphone without losing track of the conversations you are having with family and friends.

When you start or continue messaging conversation, the profile picture of the other people become round circles that contain the head of the person you are chatting with; thus the name Chathead. You can open many Chatheads and they will stack on top of each other until a new message is received or you click on the heads.

Facebook has now updated the iOS versions of its Facebook app to include the Chatheads.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

iCloud Backup Warning Dialog Problem

Has anyone ever seen this issue?

The iPad suddenly appears with the following message, but will not close when the "OK" button is pressed. 

iCloud Backup

This iPad hadn't been backed up in five weeks. Backups happen when this iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

This has happened to a coworker's iPad twice now. Once in march and today. 
When it happens, I have to hold down both buttons to reboot the device before the iPad can be used. 

iSteve is available for watching online

There are a couple of movies scheduled to be released this year about the life and times of Steve Jobs. They have yet to be made available.

Comedy web site Funny or Die released its satirical movie about Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, called iSteve. It is the first movie to be released this year about Steve Jobs and is made to be silly and fun.
The movie is available as a free stream via the Funny or Die web site.

Directed by Ryan Perez, iSteve stars Justin Long of Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers fame, who portrays Steve Jobs. If you hadn't seen those two movies, you might remember the actor thanks to his amusing depiction of the Mac computer in Apple’s Mac vs. PC commercials. .

Other roles include Lost‘s Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, James Urbaniak as Bill Gates and Michaela Watkins playing Melinda Gate.

Check out the trailer on YouTube.

iSteve runs one hour and eighteen minutes long, nearly as long as an regular feature-length flick. This is Funny or Die’s longest video project.

The film is not intended to be taken serious and has some very funny moments. It will probably piss off some Apple and Microsoft fan boys. I am not sure if it has a rating letter applied, but it would probably be rated "R" due to language and virtual sex simulations.

Watch the entire online iSteve movie here on the Funny or Die website.

If you had the time to sit through the whole thing, what was your impression about iSteve? I loved the bit when young Bill Gates is pounding at the computer with a hammer; a real computer genius at work! LOL!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Velox - One of the most anticipated Cydia Tweaks to Launch soon

Once in a while, there are jailbreak tweaks that warrant the community's attention even those that are yet to be released.

Some of these special cases are when a certain well-known developer is working on something new or the Cydia tweak or app is simply cool In its own right. This was certainly the case with a previous hit tweak called Auxo.

Now, we have another tweak that I know most of you will love to keep on your radar. The name of this yet to be released tweak is Velox.

Velox will allow you to gesture on an application's icon to pull down a special hidden folder that will get you access to notifications and even app functions.

For instance, pulling down on the Settings app will provide toggles for Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. While gesturing on the Messaging app show will recent SMS message or allow you to send a message.

While these actions by themselves may not seem all that fascinating to the passerby, it really is a great step forward in improving the iOS interface which is in a real need of a facelift. The visuals and design of the Velox interface is very promising.

Every since Jeff, over at, put up the YouTube video, the Jailbreak world has been anticipating Velox's arrival into the Cydia store. Looks like we have just a few more days to wait.

The Velox tweak is now available. Read my review and watch my video of it in action.
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Take Faster Photos And Videos With Cydia Tweak QuickShoot Pro

One of the best Cydia tweak, QuickShoot Pro was launched recently that enables you to speedily capture images or video clips by setting up Activator activities or by double tapping the built-in camera application’s icon to capture a picture or triple tapping the camera icon for video capture. If you have ever skipped out on a precious moment because you were too slow taking an image or capturing a video, then you must have this tweak.

Once you install the QuickShoot Pro tweak from Cydia, it will be enabled by default and you can test it out by double tapping the default camera application’s icon. An animation will be displayed within the camera application's icon to signal that the photo capture is occurring and has completed. The captured image will be taken and stored to your photo application camera roll area instantly, without having to launch the Camera application.


 When the camera app is triple tapped, the iPhone will immediately start capturing video. The camera icon will display a blinking red "recording" indicator until the icon is triple tapped to cease recording. Whether you are capturing images or videos, the front or rear camera will be used based on the option you choose in the default Setting application. There is no application icon for QuickShoot Pro because it is a tweak; not an application.

The QuickShoot Pro Cydia tweak has a few configuration option that you can set up from the Settings application that contains the capability to activate the front side or rear camera, you can adjust the video quality, turn flash on or off, enable HDR, enable Anti-Blur or set Image and Video capture shortcuts. If you do not like the standard double tap to capture a picture in a fast way, then you can choose another Activator method to take images and additionally another Activator activity for capturing video.

Then you can also set an Activator action to bring up a fast options window anywhere in iOS that enables you to quickly toggle the HDR, Flash and camera choice. You can also assign any other application icon to the dual tap functions: double tap to take a picture and triple tap to capture video. So you can make the Safari, Weather or any other icon perform these same functions.

One nice feature is while video and audio is being captured from either camera, you can put the iPhone to sleep (turn screen off by tapping the power button) and the video will continue to be captured. The video will record regardless of whether the phone is locked with a passcode or not. Wake up the iPhone or unlock the screen and double tap the icon used to start recording to end it. Remember you can tell which icon is recording because of the blinking red "recording" light on the icon. So you can take video without the screen on. If you setup an Activator method using a hardware activator like the volume buttons, mute switch, power button, or home button, you can capture images or video without ever waking up your iPhone or unlocking it at all.

There are some things you should be aware of or even cautious of. No matter how you activate QuickShoot Pro, it does not display what you are capturing on the screen. As a result, you are capturing photos and videos blindly. At capture time, there is no way to know whether you are capturing from the front camera or the rear camera. Using the fast option via the Activator method, you can see what the current options for HDR, Flash and camera view. You can have a problem if you forget you are recording with the device screen turn off or capture too much video and run out of disk space. Video recording take up a lot of disk space, so always be aware of how much you have free before capturing video.

QuickShoot Pro is a fantastic Cydia tweak that you install form Cydia. It is available in the default BigBoss repo for a cost of $0.99. Using a hacked version from another repo will result in the QuickShoot Pro not working.

Download QuickShoot Pro

Watch my video on YouTube.

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