Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harlem Shake: How to get your iOS Device to do the Harlem Shake

Whether you love it (like me and my daughter) or hate it (like my wife), the Harlem Shake still hasn't lost much of its momentum after more than a month after it went viral on the World Wide Web (I know you just call it the "Internet" now).

When it first came out, I went to much effort to make my iPad 1 Homescreen perform the Harlem Shake. It was labor intensive. It has now become so easy that anyone with a Jailbroken iOS device can do it in a matter of minutes.

The Harlem Shake tweak is available in the BigBoss or default source, making your springboard or lockscreen able to go crazy as quickly as possible.

So how do you make your springboard or lockscreen icons do the Harlem Shake?

Watch my Youtube video or read the written instruction below.

Here’s how to install “Harlem Shake” for your Springboard

Open Cydia

Search for Harlem Shake and click install

(This tweak is available from the BigBoss repo that is installed by default in Cydia)

Confirm the install.

Restart the SpringBoard

Now, open Activator. (if you haven’t got it, download it from Cydia)

Since you can set this up to perform at both the Home Screen and the Lock Screen.
You have to setup activations for both. Let's do the Home Screen first.

Tap on ‘At Home Screen’

Choose an activator method. I didn't choose ‘Shake’ because you will often be at the Home Screen and you don't want it doing the Harlem Shake when you don't want it to.

I chose the "Volume Buttons" activation instead. Specifically, I chose the "Both Press" option.

The "Both Press" activation is currently "unassigned"
Choose "Harlem Shake" from the list to assign it.

Now we have to setup the Lock Screen activation. Tap the previous menu option (upper left) twice to return to the main Activator screen.

Choose "At Lock Screen" this time.

Choose an activator method. Scroll down and select ‘Shake Device’ (it’s the Harlem Shake after all!)

The "Shake Device" activation is currently "unassigned"
Choose "Harlem Shake" from the list to assign it.

Close the Settings app.

That’s it! All you’ve got to do is shake the iPhone when it’s on the lock screen and press both the Up Volume button and Down Volume button at the same time from the Home Screen to have your Harlem Shake begin.

Now sit back and watch as the app icons go crazy and do the Harlem Shake for you – complete with the original music blasting from the speakers.

Note: This Harlem Shake performance done from the Springboard and Lock Screen will drain your iOS device's battery if you perform it too much.

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