Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gridlee Finally Removed from AppStore

If you were fortunate enough to get a copy of Gridlee, be sure to check out my Gridlee instructional post to get the best use of it.

We knew it was just a matter of time before Apple pulled the Gridlee app from it's U.S. AppStore. Gridlee was submitted to the AppStore on January 25 2013 and lasted just over a month before it was removed.

The Gridlee game got immediate attention from the gamers who suspected that the game had more to offer because the Gridlee game sucked. The game was all the rave, not for the game Gridlee, but for what games it allow you to add to the app.

The game was a mame, similar to the iMame app that had previously added and removed from the AppStore in 2011. The mame allowed older arcade games' ROM (read only memory) to be played if it was added to a folder called ROMs in the document folder of the Gridlee game. Many sites posted videos and wrote instructions on how to add these ROMs to the game. The nice thing was that it did not require the device to be Jailbroken at all. I enjoyed playing the non-Gridlee games on the Gridlee app; especially with my new iCade iPad cabinet.

The blogs that covered iOS and Apple products immediately posted stories that Apple would pull the plug in the game within days. After weeks went by, some began to suspect and even report that the game must comply with the Apple AppStore submission guidelines or the person responsible for monitoring such activity was on vacation.

Apparently the person was on vacation and has returned, because as of March 2, 2013 the Gridlee app is no longer available for download.

So now, the only way to enjoy your arcade ROMs is to jailbreak using evasi0n and use an app like iMame4all. At least with iMame4All, you can use your Wii controller to play your games.

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