Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chrome for iOS Updated BUT it is broken on Jailbroken iOS devices (FIX)

The Chrome team happily announced Chrome 25 for iPhone and iPad. Chrome 25.0.1364.86 contains a number of improvements including:

  • Long press on the back button to quickly access any page in your tab history
  • Share a web page via Messages
Along with these new features, over the coming days they hope to make searching on Google even easier:
- See your search term right in the omnibox, instead of the search query URL
- Easily refine your search queries and view more results on the search results page

The update rolled out in the App Store over the last three days, but none of us iOS users have been able to use the app since. The Chrome app crashes within seconds of launching.

Well I thought that it happened for everyone, but it is just the Jailbroken iOS devices that have this problem.

This happens on all Jailbroken iOS device types; whether your device is a jailbroken iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Hopefully Google will resolve this and hopefully Apple will quickly approve the fixed product and get it in the AppStore quickly.

But until they do, you must do the following to allow Chrome to work again.

  1. Uninstall the Chrome app
  2. Download the Chrome app
  3. Launch the Chrome app
  4. Check the box to agree to "send automatic usage reports and crash reports" to Google
  5. Click accept and continue button
WTF! Why is Google specifically targeting Jailbroken iOS devices with this release? If your device is NOT Jailbroken, you so not have to agree to the usage and crash report in order for the app to run.

Why would Google force Jailbroken devices to send this information? Are they interested in the browsing habits of Jailbreak users or are they able to gather other information via the crash report like what is on your device? This is very curious.

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