Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Virus protection for the iPad!? You Kidding me!

On Jan 9, 2013, at 8:47 AM, bjkleck wrote: "Hello all, tonight at a meeting I was using my iPad for notes....I had another member ask me if I had a virus protection on my iPad...she said that the iPad and iPhones are getting virus. I always thought the apple items did not need virus protection. Anyone have feedback on this for me. Thanks, Barb"

Sorry Virginia (I mean Barb) there are no iOS viruses!

The iOS software is so locked down that it would be almost impossible
for a to loaded and executed even if it was one made for it.

The worst things that has ever happened on an iOS device were rogue
developers who have had hidden features in the app to allow the app to
do things that Apple didn't intend; like free cellular data tethering.

You could possibly get an app that asks for access to your contacts
and misuse that information.

If you search the AppStore for virus protection apps, you will find
some very questionable apps that either take advantage of your fear,
takes advantage of their brand name or just take a single element and
tries to build it to be bigger than it is. For example Norton/Symantec
has an app that mentions everything but virus in its description. It
is just trying to relevant, without cause, in the iOS ecosystem.
Another example is VirusBarrier that scans your emails in your iOS for
risks that could potentially infect your desktop or laptop computer.

Today, you should have no worries. Even with a Jailbroken iOS device,
where the risk is increased dramatically, there is very little concern
unless you are just go buck wild and start loading any and everything
app you see.


Carl W. Brooks
Check out my iPad/iOS/Mac technology website

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  1. A great reminder for people who aren't super familiar with how iOS works. Thanks for the great article Carl.


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