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Is Apple Care Plus a Good Thing?

On Dec 8, 2012, at 7:14 AM, Carol wrote:

> I was wondering if most of you found this to be a "GOOD" thing to have or is it for the most part just a waste of money. IMHO the iPad or whatever you are buying should last without paying for extra coverage. Thanks

When Apple inc. introduced AppleCare initially, it only covered
manufacturer defects only. I was never a fan of the old AppleCare and
consequently I recommended the plans offered by

When Sprint started selling the iPhone 4S, Apple offered started
selling AppleCare Plus which included coverage for accidents. Since
then the AppleCare Plus is available to iPads and iPod Touch devices
as well. This change made the insurance something I could recommend.

Like any insurance, it is good if you have it and then have an
incident where you get to use it. If you never have a problem then it
seems like a waste. I have always felt this way about insurance of
every kind. Well I draw the line at Life Insurance. Don't leave loved
ones without any money to bury you, stuck with your bills and no money
to be comfortable without you here to provide for them.

Having said that, I do recommend device insurance for anyone else,
because they may not be as cautious as I am. I get insurance on my
work devices because my job pays for it and it is more critical for
the device to be available at all times.

For my own stuff, I do not. I never get insurance on my own stuff even
though I am one of those crazy people who hand their expensive gadget
over to kids all the time. One of my little nieces loves me because I
am the only person who lets her play with my iPhone or iPad. She is 3
years old.

My own kids have always used my stuff since they were very little. We
have never had an incident with either the boys who are 20 and 24 nor
with the girls who are 11 and 13.

I have never personally broken any the stuff I have paid lots of money
for. I tend to be very careful with them. I did have the Otterbox
case for my iPad 1. Never dropped it though. My wife has the iPad now,
but won't use the Otterbox or any of the other cases. She uses a $5
case with elastic corner holders at each corner because it is pink and

I recommend it to anyone that is accident prone. I know people
personally that have broken their iPhone and iPad and did not have
instance. They were not happy. They paid hundreds of dollars to
replace them. Some chose to just keep using it in the broken state.

One of my sons had a iPod touch that he broke but continued to use
with the shattered glass. Actually the younger one owned it and broke
it. I got it replaced, but didn't have to turn it in. He gave it to
the older son who continued to use it because it was still functional.
They must have different rules in Canada where they live. Whatever
insurance he had, it wasn't AppleCare. I took the broken iPod Touch
to the Apple Store her in the USA and paid $99 to replace the whole
unit. The unit had no insurance in their system.

I just bought the girls an iPod Touch 5th gen and Amazon Kindle Fire
HD. Neither have insurance on them. We will see if they will take as
food of care for their own stuff as they have for mine. I have sturdy
cases for both.

They bottom line is I have never been a fan of device insurance. When
I bought my big screen HDTVs, I passed on the insurance. I just bought
a $300 pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones and was offered
insurance of them. I passed. I think Radio Shack turned me against
getting insurance on gadgets; they try to get extra money on every

Get all of the facts before you do. What does it costs to replace it
without insurance? Are you the type to buy the next device because it
is "the new one"? The AppleCare Plus is not transferable, so you would
have to buy a new plan with each new device. I personally don't buy
device insurance, but you have to decide for yourself based on your
habits, your environment and your situation.


Carl W. Brooks
Check out my iPad/iOS/Mac technology website

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