Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kingdom Rush: My newest Most Played Game

My wife was playing this game for free on our iMac. She seemed very engaged and seemed to be having lots of fun. Me, even if I  like a game, I don't like having to be chained to a desk to play it, so looked for an iPad version and they had one (the also have an iPhone version). I fell in love with this game. I like  defense games and used to play Fieldrunners. When Fieldrunners 2 came out and I bought it, but it crashes all the time (show have read the reviews first). 

Kingdom Rush is a much better game and much cheaper than Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2. It is currently $99 (normally $4.99); not sure if this is the new price or a promotion period deal. I just checked their site, they had this to say "With this very limited time offer you can purchase Kingdom Rush at the App Store for a mere 99 cents, that's 66% off the normal price. Quickly, defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards in this amazing tower defense title!"

So what is Kingdom Rush? The basics of the game is that you have a kingdom to defend; village by village. You are being invaded by hordes of bad creatures. You  start with a certain amount of money to build defenses against the creatures. You earn money when you kill baddies. The enemies range from low-level easy to kill fiends to tough to kill bad-asses. No worries, well maybe some worry, but you can upgrade your defenses as your money grows. 

You can even call on temporary help from the local villagers. They are well equipped, but they will fight hard to death to defend their home. If they survive the onslaught, they will leave after a few seconds. 

You can use this with a 10 second pause between attempts. Use them wisely, the 10 seconds can seem like an eternity. You can also summon fire from the skies to rain lava or fireballs down of the attackers. This has a much longer pause before you can use this again. 

The objective is to not let more than 20 enemies get past your defenses. When an enemy evades your efforts, you lose a heart. Lose 20 hearts and you have lost the battle. 

There is a certain number of waves of enemies that will attack your land. Successfully defend through all waves with losing all of your hearts and you will win that battle. 

Completing boards will earn you stars. It little or no enemies get pass you, then you earn 2 stars for the successful battle. Let a few more get by and you only get 2 stars. Allow a bunch and you only get 1 stars. Why are stars important? Stars can be used to upgrade the abilities of your army and/or equipment. Stars can also be used to buy the assistance of Heroes that will aid in your battles. 

Each board can be played in normal and easy modes. Three campaigns 
exist for each board; the regular campaign and 2 levels were you can be play challenge rounds where you might have 1 wave, but have limited resources. 

On the iPad, you have tons of extras. You can earn jewels that allow you to purchases upgrades. You can independent weapons of mass destruction or use it to buy extra cash to be used whenever you need it in battle to upgrade or build more defenses. 

The music and sound effects are awesome. From the music announcing the  advancements of troops, to the humorous sound effects made when calling on your help to the zany sounds that the weapon upgrades make; you will be entertained. 

I commute to work by bus, this game makes the 45-60 minute ride seem like 5 minutes. The game allows two other people to play their own game without messing up your progress. If you enjoy action and strategy games, then you will love this game. It has a level of difficulty that will not only entertain you and engage you, but will provoke you to play harder and longer with one goal - don't let the bad guys win. 

This game has tons of replay value and is tons fun. For me, it is easily the best game on the iPad. Reducing the price to $0.99 makes this an easy purchasing decision. 

ITunes Link: iPad Version 


Carl W. Brooks

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