Saturday, October 6, 2012

iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 noticeably faster than prior iPhones. It is noticeably
lighter. The front facing camera is of noticeably better quality. The
Headphone jack is moved to the bottom. The biggest change is the
removal of the 30 pin port and addition of the 8 pin Lightening port.
This change may affect users in a few possible ways.

For the people in our iPad group, it means that you now have to carry
two separate USB cables around with you. It was nice to be able to use
the iPad's cable to charge the iPhone too and vise versa. It you are
like me, you kept a charging cable at home, one at work and another
one on your person.

Owning previous iOS devices usually meant you had spare cables laying
around to create a multiple cable location setup which meant that you
had more charging opportunities.

The new Lightening cable for the iPhone 5 messes this arrangement up.
You now have many cables for the iPad and only one for the iPhone.
Before if you left your cable at home, you potentially had a few
people you could borrow a cable from. Someone with an iPod, iPod
Touch, iPhone or iPad could loan you their cable to let you recharge
your device.

Your choices are very limited until more people you know gets the new
iPhone 5. You now have to come up with a new plan. One option is to go
buy one or two Lightening connector cables.

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