Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Google Takes Aim at Siri with New iOS Search App

These stories are link bait. Other than both using voice to interact
with the service, Google Search and Siri are two very different
services. Google Search only does one thing that Siri does. Google
Search doesn't create my calendar events or tell me when there is a
conflict and let me change either event's time slot to avoid the
conflict. Google Search doesn't initiate timers or alarms.

Google Search doesn't send an email or SMS message to my contacts.
Google Search doesn't create reminders for you or create notes that
she can append to at anytime. Google Search doesn't know where you
live nor give you directions by saying "taker home". Google Search
doesn't know who your spouse, brother, best friend or child is so it
contact them by phone, email or text without you saying there name.

Google Search doesn't update your Facebook or Twitter status for you.
Google Search doesn't make reserve tables at your favorite

Google Search doesn't launch my apps so I don't have to search for
them. Google Search doesn't play songs or playlists from my music

Siri is a personal assistant that can do many things; one of which is
to search the web via a verbal command. Google Search does do this.
Google naturally does this very well.

Comparing these two things are like comparing a Swiss Army knife to a
Phillips Power screwdriver. Siri can turn the screw and much more.
Google Search turns the screw faster and more efficiently, but that is
all it does. Both are worth using.


Carl W. Brooks
Check out my iPad/iOS/Mac technology website

On Oct 31, 2012, at 11:45 AM, Ted wrote:

> I checked out the updated Google Search after reading this article and agree that the voice search works pretty good.

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