Sunday, July 22, 2012

Watching TV on the iPad

There are many different ways to watch TV (limited to all) content on the iPad.

There are free ways like ABC player, NBC, TBS, and the PBS apps. These
apps are maintained by the specific content provider and usually offer
non-live content. You can usually what 4-5 back episodes of most
series or programs. They usually have their own commercials that get
pretty repetitive.

There are apps that the cable companies provide that don't cost any
additional money than what you already pay monthly. These usually
require that you be on wifi, connected to your cable company's router
which means you can only watch while at home. They stream live
broadcast content with commercials and all. They usually offer only
non-premium channels without features like pausing live TV.

You have other apps that provide content that is usually viewable
online for free from a computer, but on a mobile device you have to
have a login to limited list of contributing cable providers. You do
not have to be at home. An example is the TRU TV app. It provides
limited clips to non-subscribers and full episodes only to the
contributing cable providers' members.

You can pay for services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that offer certain
TV programs to its members.

Another option is a buy a Slingbox device for about $250 - $400 plus
$30 for the iOS app. This option allows you to view all content that
you can view on your actual TV. Regular TV, cable, VCR/DVR, Xbox, etc.
Your devices streams your watch your TV content from your home devices
to the Internet. You can watch it from any connected device. You have
to have a "free" TV or the people at your house will have to watch
what you are watching. When you change the channel on the TV remotely,
it literally changes the physical TV at your place.

There have numerous online sites that wrongly streamed live broadcast
TV content to the web and were viewable form the iPad. These quickly
receive cease and dismiss orders from the channel which lead to short
and unreliable viewing availability.


Carl W. Brooks

On Jul 22, 2012, at 9:39 AM, Terry P. wrote:

> Why does one need an app other than the one that is shipped on the iPad? I have Netfix app but only because I want to watch Netflix movies in my queue. I must be missing something. All the video apps I have view their own content like HBOTOGO and SHOWTIME.

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  1. Thanks for the great information Carl. Working for DISH, I know there is one more option that is related to both “Cable Provider” apps and the Sling Box. It is called the DISH Remote Access app and I use it to connect to my Sling Adapter which is connected to my Hopper DVR. The Adapter is much more affordable then the classic Sling Box and the DISH Remote Access app is free! I find it to be the best of all worlds because it offers live TV streaming as well as DVR access. I haven’t missed an episode of any of my favorite shows since I upgraded to this set up.


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