Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kickstarter - I want a TekSling and You Might Too!

Two things that I like a lot are Kickstarter and my iPad.  I take my iPad everywhere because I use it often through the day.  I have a Thule bag that is very compact which allows me to carry my iPad in addition to  all my other items; including my Ultrabook laptop. I love this bag to get me to and from my venues.  Once I am onsite or in transit on my commute, I would like the TekSling to allow me to carry the iPad without all the other gadgets - and to free my hands for other things while not using the iPad. There are times when I have left my iPad at someone else's desk - the TekSling would allow me to carry it without having to sit it down at other people's work areas.

The TekSling is a revolutionary product that will change the way you work and play.

The TekSling is a streamlined iPad carrier, worn around your body that allows for quick, easy access and secure, worry-free storage when not in use. Many people use an iPad in their daily professional and personal lives but need to be on their feet and on the go. The TekSling allows you to keep your hands free and have your iPad only a second away when you need it.
The iPad snaps securely into the TekSling carrier and rests comfortably on your back when not in use. When you need your iPad, simply swing the strap around and pop the iPad out. One quick motion releases the iPad from the holder, while the security strap ensures that you will never drop the iPad. Easy in, easy out, worry free.
The TekSling was designed in alignment with the principles of the iPad- sleek, lightweight and intuitive. It weighs less than a pound, is incredibly easy to use and is small and easy to carry. It can be worn over any attire and fits seamlessly under a jacket, blazer or suit coat. It is suitable for a use in a professional business setting, a casual work environment, a construction site, a subway ride or on a bike.
The TekSling can be used in virtually in any setting. With iPad use growing at an exponential rate, more and more businesses are incorporating the iPad into their everyday work. With medical professionals required to move to complete medical records, many doctors, nurses and physical therapists are using iPads for medical notes and records. Teachers and Professors are using them in the classroom and schools are distributing iPads to their students. Restaurants are using them for their servers to take and place orders and for customers to pay bills. Professional and amateur sports teams are using them to replace their playbooks and coaches and players are using iPads on their sidelines. Building inspectors, project managers and construction workers are using them for plans, notes and pictures. Delivery people use them for convenient electronic records. And there are thousands of other ways the iPad is being used daily. The TekSling will enable these people to do their work more easily and effectively, by allowing them to be on their feet, using their iPad wherever and whenever they need, without the fear of losing or dropping the iPad.
The TekSling makes your mobile technology mobile.

The Evolution of the TekSling
From Left to right, the TekSling has gone from a late night innovation binge (which was suitable to hold Fred Flinstone's Stone Tablet) to a streamlined, lightweight, digital print which has been used by physical therapists for weeks without even a minor glitch.
The next picture in this series is pending this successful Kickstarter campaign! We have all of the manufacturing lined up and the engineers waiting to create the mold! The final version will be a strong ABS material that will withstand any demands that should be placed on it! But it is very expensive to make the mold and we can't move forward without your support. Please help us make this dream a reality!
The Next Step
With your support we will be able to fulfill our dream of having this American made dream fully manufactured in America.  We have been working with an outstanding team in Washington state that is ready to pull the trigger on our mold, however the cost is staggering.  With the mold alone costing over $20,000 we have been forced to put everything on hold until we can raise funds.
We have also been in talks with a NYC based company that can make the TekSling at a lower cost, however will send portions (the ABS piece) overseas in order to cut costs.  This company is American owned and operated, so still keeps our hopes alive, but we are concerned about the potential delays of working overseas.
Both companies have ensured us that the product can be ready within 2 months, so we can still reach our projected goal of Fall 2012.

If this project makes as much sense to you as it does to me, surf on over to Kickstarter and pledge your support for this project.

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