Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kickstarter Projects that work well with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and New

If you are the owner of the Apple Smart Cover, you may be interested in the following two Kickstarter projects. 

Motive Stylus contains magnets that hold it firmly together while you use it. When you dock it, the magnets inside of the iPad Smart Cover unlock Motive Stylus and cause it to transform. As it opens the neodymium magnets inMotive Stylus attach to the magnets in the iPad Smart Cover. Once it is perfectly flat it is securely docked with your iPad Smart Cover. When you want to use Motive Stylus again you simply roll it up. 

Smarter Stand is composed of 2 clips that attach to either side of the Smart Cover or the Smart Case. For the Smart Cover, a polyurethane pad that sticks to the back side of the iPad is also provided to prevent the iPad from slipping. For the Smart Case, no pad is needed since the neoprene of the back cover provides the grip necessary.


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