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Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for the IPad and iPhone 4s (iOS 5.0.1)

On May 8, 2012, at 8:21 AM, Tony wrote: "What Jailbreak tweaks did you use on your iPad? My 4S is jailbroken primarily for SBSettings, a nice toggle"

Oh Boy, my 4s has some great stuff from the Jailbreak world. There are some great Jailbreak tweaks and apps available. Not all are free, but it is interesting that some of these things are not built into the iOS by now.

All work on my iPhone 4s, while most work on my iPad 1. They should work on the iPad 2 and even the iPad 3 when joins the ranks of the Jailbreak devices.

Please note: Not all are free tweaks and apps. Some require you to have different Cydia sources added. As always, research via your favorite search engine and see them in action on YouTube. Add one at a time and run for awhile to determine if there are any side effects before adding another.

Some side effects I experience are white icons (I call Ghost icons) that appear periodically. These are apps that are used when setting up the iPad. You can ignore them. Occasionally I get a message that says the Springboard crashed, but only takes a few seconds to restart. I typically remove and tweaks that cause this to occur more frequently.

These are some tweaks and apps that Apple would be wise to add into the iOS 6.x, but they should already be included in current iOS by now:

SBSettings: Allows quick access to toggle radios. I use it to display date, connected hotspot and memory usage data along with the clock in status bar. I also love the "Processes" option which I use to free up memory.

SiriToggle: Use Siri to toggle radios like Bluetooth, Airplane and WiFi. Also ask about battery life and even adjust brightness with Siri (aka your voice).

Shrink: lets you shrink the size of icons and folders on SpringBoards and dock.

Multiiconmover does just what the name implies, lets you move multiple icons around the homescreens.

AppLocker let me lock any icon (app) or folder. Who says that everything on our device should accessible the initial pass code at the lock screen? This oversight on Apple's part is huge considering they keep insisting we live in a post PC world. On a regular computer, you can make things less viewable to a causal user. One the iPad, everything is right there to be explored once you hand them your device. AppLocker locks down your sensitive data.

F.lux makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and brighter like the sunlight during the day.

FastClear - As you're aware, you have to first tap on the Clear button and then tap on the x button to clear notifications from the Notification Center. FastClear is a nifty little jailbreak tweak that makes it easier and faster to clear the notifications from the Notification Center by replacing the x button with the Clear button, thus enabling you to clear notifications with a single tap.

FolderEnhancer - iOS 4 brought with it the ability to put apps and bookmarks into folders. Unfortunately, the implementation is quite limited. FolderEnhancer takes this feature and improves upon it, making it a viable solution for organizing and accessing your apps. You can add up to 320 icons to a folder (20 pages, 16 per page), create folders inside of folders and more.

iKeywi adds a customizable 5th row of keys to the virtual keyboard. This allows you to use numbers without toggling the whole keyboard. A fixed set of number keys are always present. Come on Apple, do we really have to ask for this after all these years - you use the product and hate the shift and toggle dance too.

LockSliderz: all of us know about the slide to unlock feature on the lock screen. What if you could add additional functions to this slider? You can with LockSliderz. On my lock screen, I have two sliders stacked on top of each other. Both has an icon on both ends of the slider. The top one has an icon for a flashlight and another for Stitcher Radio. The lower slider has an email icon and a lock for unlocking. Sider either icon to the opposite side will launch that app once the pass code is entered (the lock just unlocks). Double clicking the home button will display a third slider which has a camera icon on one end and the Messaging (SMS) icon on the other end. I love this, especially for quick access to the Flashlight (using the camera flashbulb) and Stitcher Radio.

The following make the device fun and interesting and at least should available for purchase in the AppStore:

DeepEnd allows you to add a 3D effect to your iPhone homescreen wallpaper. Using your iPhone 4′s gyroscope, it appears to change your iPhone’s screen orientation based on the angle you hold your handset at.

Display Recorder: record your iPhone or iPad display activity and save videos as .avi files that you can publish to Youtube from within the app or browse from your desktop browser using the built in web server. The app is very complete and full of options: you can setup custom activation gestures, enable OpenGL capture, choose video quality and orientation, enable taps and adjust the frame rate. You can choose to record audio or not. You can setup all these preferences from the Display Recorder tab in I do most of my iOS how-tos with this app.

Graviboard: Cydia tweak that brings gravity to the homescreen and is guaranteed to amaze not only you but your friends as well. When activated, all the icons on your homescreen will fall down (or up). You can use your fingers to drag and fling icons. If you tilt your device, the icons will follow! If you desire, you can change the force of gravity – even to negative gravity! When I launch my homescreen launcher, the icon explode - it never gets old.

Gridlock - Let you place your icon anywhere on the Springboards without snapping to the grid top to bottom. This is nice if you have a picture on your background that you don't won't to cover with app icons.

xCon - my cable provider has an iPad app that allows me to watch some of my cable channels from the iPad The app works only if you have active service and only when accessing from a device connected to their cable modem via a wifi router. In other words, you can not take the iPad outside the range of your wifi and watch TV programming. Despite all this, they feel a need to mandate that you cannot do so from a Jailbroken iPad. xCon removes this discrimination and allow me to watch the content from my Jailbroken iPad.

Infinidock lets you have an infinite number of icons in the dock. I only need a few more myself.

3G Unrestrictor: Let you use FaceTime, iCloud backup and other apps that normally force you to connect to WiFI first before you use the app.

NoNewsIsGoodNews: Simply removes the NewsStand icon from Springboard. You can still search for it in Spotlight.

Poof: allows you to hide any app from the Springboard. You can still search for it in Spotlight.

IFile: File management app that is extremely useful. It is better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

MobileTerminal (NEW): Terminal access (dos prompt like) app that I use every no and then. This is an advance tool and not needed by most users. Te same people who need a DOS prompt on Windows or Terminal access on a Mac will like this. The one thing that all Jailbreak can use this for is to change the default root password from alpine by typing passwd at the prompt. This is used with the free Cydia app called OpenSSH.

MirrorWidget: Uses the front facing camera to let you check out your hair, teeth, nose, eyes, etc. It adds this "mirror" to the notification area.

PDaNet: Lets you use your device as a hotspot. I have a Verizon MiFi device, but just as I carry backup power, I like to backup Internet. There is a separate SBSettings toggle app that adds a switch for this in SBSettings.

Switcher Sense: Replaces Apple's Multitasking bar at the bottom of screen with a middle of the screen solution. Slide to close open apps instead of the wiggle and tap the "x" of Apple's way. Add the SwitcherLoader app and you cab slide to the left provides the brightness, AirPlay, rotation lock like you would expect, but the best add-on is the "Kill All Apps" button. Why even swipe when you are done with all open apps? Kill them all.

Zephyr: adds swiping for closing apps, switching between apps and multitasking


Carl W. Brooks

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