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Very Useful Gadgets for my iPhone and iPad

"Jeffrey" wrote: "I was looking at the Wahoo Fitness Run Pack and thought that was pretty neat. Is this the best Fitness monitor out there? What else is available that works well with the iPhone 4S? I know there are tons for gadgets on the market for the iPhone. I know of the "NEST" Thermostat, even IGRILL works with monitoring temperatures on the grill as you cook. What else is out there pretty cool?"

I love the fact that so many companies make such great products that are either specifically made for the Apple products or work well with them. I have the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth portable speaker that I enjoy listening to my music and Podcast via Stitcher Radio. I use this when I am at home or traveling. This things sounds nice and fills the entire room and can be heard quite well as I go between rooms getting ready. I often leave my iPhone on the charge and take this from room to room instead. This is also great when I am watching a movie with my kids or they are watching the iPad in the rear seat of the car. They can hear the iPad content's sound and we can enjoy the radio in the front (typically my iPhone's audio stream via Bluetooth to my auto's speakers. You probably can gather that I love Bluetooth (Finally after many years of hating it).

I also have the LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth headset that I use for phone calls, music and Podcast via Stitcher Radio while out and about. These things last all day, I can usually persuade Siri to take care of things without touching the phone (see is a stubborn assistant). I can control all aspects of my phone call and even control the podcast, music, movie or video playback. The ear buds snap into place to the magnetic holders when not in use. They are light as a feather and I don't have to keep anything in my ear until I need one or two of the ear buds. I don't understand how people use the traditional Bluetooth single ear piece or pretend that the Apple stock ear buds are great. If anything needs a redo, the white Apple iPhone ear buds.

I hate to be without power for my mobile devices, so I have a few portable backup battery sources for my iPhone\iPad. I have the Sprint Travel Charger PLUS. It has built-in plug thongs so it plugs directly into the wall. I can charge the battery and the iPhone or iPhone Case at the same time. It has a standard USB port that I can charge the iPhone or iPad with the Apple cable. It also has a built-in Micro-USB cable that I can recharge any device that has that type of port. It has a status button that reveals how much power is stored in the device; how lights means it is fully charge - four to one if it is almost empty and ready for a charge. It has a 1800mAh Lithium Polymer Internal Battery.

I have two Mophie products. The first is an iPhone case that is also a battery. It is called a mophie juice pack air® - iPhone 4 & 4S Battery Case. It has a status button that reveals how much power is stored in the device; how lights means it is fully charge - four to one if it is almost empty and ready for a charge. It has an off\on switch that allows you to choose when the recharge starts. You can either let it use the case first and then use the iPhone's battery or vice versa. The good thing is that it is always with the iPhone and does not have to be carried separately. The bad thing is that it is only has a 1500 mAh battery capacity.

Finally I have a Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. It is about the size of the iPhone. It has a 4000mAh external battery and charges the iPhone 4s in about 2 hours. You can get two full charges to your iPhone 4 with this baby. It also has a status button that reveals how much power is stored in the device; four lights means it is fully charge - down to one if it is almost empty and ready for a charge. It has a full USB port for charging the iPhone\iPad. It has a Micro-USB port that is used to charge the device. It comes with the Micro-USB cord, but not a power brick to plug into the wall. You must charge with your PC or use the adapter that came with your iPad or iPhone (or similar USB equipment device, like my old Palm Pre adapter). The other wacky thing is that cannot charge itself and another device at once; it is one or the other.

As you can imagine, I am never without the ability to change my gadgets. Mophie just enough a new Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation PRO that packs 6000mAh and a real rugged case, but I have enough now. If I didn't this one would have done the trick for me.

My AppleTV is a great accessory to my iPhone, iPad and my iMac. I resisted this purchase, but finally gave in when AirPlay was release. I use this to display my iOS content on the 50" HD TV or the bedroom HD TV. It also gave my wife Netflix viewing ability in the bedroom (away from our small children's ears and eyes - she loves Horror movies). I jailbroke it and now can surf directly from my TV and can watch and listen to any format (not just Apple's formats) on my TVs.

Kickstarter is such an addictive place to discover new gadgets to use with your iPhone or iPad.
I love the CloudFTP device. It make ANY USB Storage Device Wireless! The easiest way to share any USB data with Apple iPad, iPhone, & the Cloud. Just connect and share with up to 3 iDevices at the same time. I don't have this yet, but I will a soon as my wife stops watching the bank account like a hawk, LOL.

More info at

Currently I am a backer for the Pebble Watch and the Slingshot. Neither of these are ready to be purchased, but I'll get mine before they are available to the public.

The Pebble is a new E-Paper wristwatch that will interact with my iPhone. It's customizable, with downloadable watchfaces and useful internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages.

The Slingshot is a stablizers and tripod for my iPhone. I take tons of pictures and video with my iPhone. The SlingShot(tm) allows you to shoot one-handed, turns into an instant table-top tripod, and allows you to mount your phone on any tripod.

What accessries you guys and gals love to use with your iOS devices.
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