Monday, April 23, 2012

Flip Steady cases for iPad - Kickstarter Project

You know I am a big fan of Kickstarter. This Flip Steady case looks cool. 

It is like a Smart Cover and an origami item had a baby. When you flip the cover behind the iPad, the cover distorts into a jumble of shapes that hold the iPad up for viewing the IPad in either portrait or landscape orientations. 

The first version is called the FlipSteady Grip and is $69 for early backers and the second version is the FlipSteady Pro case for $79  with magnets for turning the iPad on and off when the cover is lifted or closed. 

I think this will be in my collection. Looking at the $79 version with the magnets. I was thinking about getting the Apple Smart cover, but this looks like it may be better because has some back protection. Not sure why they would protect the entire back though. A hole to show the Apple logo would be nice.  

The project has reached its goal, but is open until June 11, 2012

To learn more and/or to learn how to become a backer - visit:


Carl W. Brooks

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