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Apple TV - Is it Worth it?

On Apr 28, 2012, at 1:40 PM, someone wrote:

You talked about Apple TV. I am on the cusp but have not quite fallen over. I understand you can use air play, and it is now 1080p. Is it really worth it? And if so why?

The bottom line of the AppleTV, from Apple point, is to allow you watch your Apple content from the comfort of your bed or couch on the biggest screen you have in the house - instead of doing it from an uncomfortable chair in front of a desktop or with a hot laptop on your lap. 

In addition, Apple provides non Apple services like Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, MLB, NHL, NBA and a few more. These extras are typically available through other devices that you might already have attached to your TV. If you don't then it makes more sense to have one. 

With all Apple products I both love them and hate them. I love interface and synergy (sorry Palm) or interaction of their products and how they are designed to work together; without having to be techie to accomplish it.

I love to be able to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on my TV; controlling my car with the iPad as if it was a steering wheel and the music blaring through the surround sound - all without hooking up anything at the time. 

If the above is fine with you and you are in agreement, then buy the AppleTV.  Having this above ability, with the convenience of  taking this tiny device between the Family room and Bedroom was enough for me to get it. My wife, the non-techie, loves the AppleTV!

I wanted more and don't care about any threat to void my devices warranties. Using my device, that I paid for, the way I want to use it is worth the risk. Of course all Jailbreak devices are able to be restored to factory defaults, there remains a risk of which I am willing to take. 

The Jailbreaker community like the above ideas, but also want to view anything that freely available to viewed on the computer from their couch or bed as well. If it is free to watch on the computer, we want it on our TV. Eventually the content providers will sort it all out and we won't need this, but until then it is the wild wild west out here. It is not an area for the non-adventurous types.   

I want to live in the walled city, but only if I have a hole  in the wall to get in and out when I want. All of my Apple products are Jailbroken, well except my iMac.  It's like being a rebel in the rebel's camp. 

The AppleTV is no different. I only love more because it is Jailbroken. The new ATV can not be Jailbroken yet. I  have the prior version, called the AppleTV 2 and use the $30 app called ATV Flash Black (after Jailbreaking it for free with their Seas0nPass tool) to let me surf from my TV and play audio, movies and videos of any type and from any directory on my computer. Their site is if you want to learn more. 

I wrote an article that goes into more detail. 

Jailbreak the Apple TV 2; Why I did it and Why You Might too

Carl W. Brooks

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