Tuesday, April 10, 2012

100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iOS Device - Includes Video and Explanations

Jailbreakmatrix.com has created some videos to show off some Jailbreak apps and tweaks.
Their site has 100 apps and tweaks hightighted with HD videos to show what each does.
This helps to provide anwsers to the "What can I do with my Jailbroken device?"
They have a Youtube video that is helping to gain interest (in their site and in Jailbreaking).
The Video can be seen here: http://youtu.be/fZoqW-GEdQM
The above video is merely a commerical for what is possible.
To see the actual apps and tweaks in actions, you can check out their list and videos on their site.
The Jailbroken App and Tweak list
  • will include not 5, 10 or even 25, but 100 Cydia Apps that are ALL currently available for download
  • all reviews are actually done by jailbreakmatrix.com!
  • all the video demos are also done by jailbreakmatrix.com!
  • Apps demonstrated clearly in HD Videos !
  • all Apps are tested on iOS 5+ and tested on the iPhone 4S & iPad 2 !
  • is 100% genuine NOT COPIED !
  • will include a summary video demonstrating 100 Apps in under 4 minutes
  • will include our helper aka @jailbreakGirl because sexy is cool too :)

All are shown on this page (scroll down)
Remember all jailbreak tools are 100% free, you never have to pay for them. While Jailbreaking is legal, Apple frowns on the concept and will void your warranty if you don't un-Jailbreak your device before taking it to an Apple Store or mail it in for service. Please research before taking action.
I have also created my list of favorite apps and tweaks that I use personally.
Carl Brooks

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