Monday, March 26, 2012

Saving for the new iPad? There's an app for that!

I was hopeful that my birthday celebration last Friday would include a new IPad, but my wife held to her "hold off until May" stand.

I thought she was kidding to maintain suspense and surprise for a birthday reveal. The surprise was on me, but it should have - she has insisted that we wait. Admittingly, I still don't get her logic. We have the money in the bank, we wouldn't be buying it with credit.

If we are going to spend the money, just over a month from now, what different would have made to get it now? Even if she wanted to wait for our income Tax Refund to deposit in te bank, the money I going to be used either way. If I bought the iPad today, the May money would simply be added back into the savings account instead of going to Apple at that time.

Anyway, I gave her the option to buy it for me because she would most likely buy the lowest cost device. I would buy the most expensive Wi-Fi device. To avoid a bad communication issue event in May, I have begun to save cash to the side to cover the difference between the lowest cost device and the top priced device.

There is an app in the AppStore that help keep track of the things we desire. The app is accurately called Desire. Desire is a simple database app that allow users to add items to the "My Desires" list. Once added, items can be viewed separately and the user is able to add and withdrawal funds from the item. The screen shows how much the item costs, how much you have saved for the item and the percentage of the total amount need that you have.

You can use the deposit and withdrawal buttons to manage the money you have allocated for the item There is a history button that pulls up a screen to show the dates and amounts of each deposit and withdrawal.

So as I save, I have a nice simple app to keep track of my progress. I am using it for the iPad, but it can used for anything you are saving for. Download the Desire app from the Apple AppStore.

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