Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is the new iPad line worthy?

Apple surprised many when they called their new iPad simply that, "the new iPad". It appeared that Apple is trying to make its iPad a normal item in its list of products. Just as it does with its MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, MacBook Air, and iMac products, Apple is simply calling the next new device by its name without adding a number behind it.

Apple may have began this in regards to the name, but will it be willing to continue this transformation when it comes to releasing the iPad into the market or into their stores?

Will Apple close its stores, close the black curtains, or make a big deal of sale of the new iPad? If the iPad is just another Apple product, why should we have to stand in line for it? Shouldn't it just shows up on the shelves at the stores?

Who is going to be in those lines outside the Apple stores anyway? Will it be owners of the iPad 1? Will it be owners of the iPad 2? Or will it be all new owners? Surely it will be a combination of all these? For the previous owners of the two prior iPads, doesn't make sense for us to go stand in line?

Do we really want to expose ourselves like that? So Samsung can make fun of us to try and sell their wacky little phones? Should we just pre-order it and have it delivered to our homes or business? Some will and many of them have already placed their orders online. Others will not be happy unless they get to stand in line and hang out with other Apple lovers.

For many, standing in line is part of the process. As a blogger isn't just part of my job right? It's funny, I have stood around three different lines over last couple years, but have never purchased anything from those lines. I either order mine online or wait a few days later to get my own personal device, but I love to be there to be part of the excitement and to cover the event for my website. I am sure the day will come with the iPads will simply show up on the shelf and there will not be any lines outside the Apple stores, but this iPad launch is not the time for such a thing. For many people, the new iPad is worth standing in line to be the first to own one. And as silly as it may seem, it really is quite an event. Samsung has copied a lot from Apple, but they cannot copy the demand. Even though they poke fun at the subject, they wish people would stand in line by the thousands to buy their tablet.

Will you be at your local Apple store holding your place in line? Let us know.

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