Monday, March 12, 2012

iMovie updated to included movie trailers

Apple updated the iMovie for iOS to include the movie trailer feature.

This is nothing new to Mac owners who may have used it on the desktop version of iMovie.

What it does is allow you to create a one minute video that resembles Hollywood quality movie trailers.

You select the theme or template and then fill out the storyboard with Studio name, number of subjects, etc.

Then it directs you to select the appropriate still or video for each subject. For example, you may need to select a shot or video with all subjects visible, then a close up of each subject, an action sequence or whatever shot is appropriate for the theme.

It adds music, transitions and whatever else is needed to make the video work.

The bottom line is that you can take some ordinarily boring video shots and make it exciting and interesting to view.

I did the following video on my iMac using iMovie. The videos cuts were shot with a non-HD Flip camera and the stills were taken with an Android smartphone.

To think that you can now capture the video, stills and create a similar video on your iPhone or iPad device is awesome.

Check out my video on YouTube:


Carl W. Brooks

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