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How to Locate Purchased Apps in AppStore or Missing on iPad

On Mar 31, 2012, at 2:52 PM, Vixpix wrote:

The purchased iPhoto app on my iPad 2 did not transfer to my iPad 3. I did a backup to my Mac beforehand. Can I find it from there? I have no idea where the backup is. I don't see it in iTunes either.

If you launch the AppStore, you will find a "Purchased" tab on the bottom of the screen. Tapping this tab will display a list of apps that you have purchased. There is a tab on the upper left that lets you filter the list for IPad or iPhone apps. 

In the top center area, there is a toggle to display "all" apps or only "apps not on the iPad". If you haven't purchased a lot of apps, then you may quickly find an app here. If you own hundreds of apps, like I do, then you may need to search for a particular app.

On the upper right corner, of the Appstore, there is a search field that you can search for a purchased app by name.  Your purchased app will display in the center of the screen if found. An app that is not on your device will show a cloud icon near it, indicating that the app can be downloaded to this device without additional cost. If the app is already on your device, the app will indicate that the app is "installed". What if you are using this method to look for an app that you thought wasn't on your device, but the AppStore is indicating that it is "installed"?

It is possible to have an app installed, but not have it visible on any of your home screens. This is because Apple only allows 11 home screens and 6 icons on the tray. If you go beyond the maximum limit of displayed apps, you will have to search for apps using the spotlight feature. To get to spotlight screen, tap the home button once while at the first home screen or twice in a row (not double tap) from and other home screen. 


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