Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to use your iPad with your HDTV

The iPad has a great size screen; however, there are times when you want to see the iPad content on a bigger screen. The biggest screen in most homes is the TV, especially the HDTV. 

Who wouldn't want to put their pictures, movies, music, programs and games on the big screen. 

You really want to get both audio and video to the TV.  There are really two options from Apple to make this possible: Apple Digital AV adapter or the Apple TV.

The first is the Apple Digital AV Adapter.  Apple Digital AV Adapter mirrors exactly what you see on your iPad 2 or iPhone 4s so that everyone in the room can enjoy it on your widescreen TV, video projection screen, or other HDMI-compatible display. The Apple Digital AV Adapter also supports video out for iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation), but without the mirroring ability. With these older devices, including my iPad 1, we have to settle for the limited number of apps that embed the AirPlay into their apps. 

The Apple Digital AV HDMI Adapter is different from the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter that was made available with the iPad 1 because it sends both video and audio signals to the HDTV. The VGA adapter handles only video and doesn't support the mirror feature - plus VGA ports are not included on most HDTV. They are typically only on LCD TV. This makes the Apple Digital AV Adapter the only wired option to use today. The down side is that it is wired and requires that you have or buy a HDTV cable too. It is not that you have to buy a HDTV cable, because the other option requires one too - you need a good length to make it feasible like HDMI to HDMI Cable (25 feet). Anything shorter would require that you stand or sit pretty close to the TV.

A more elegant way to display your iPad 2 and iPhone 4s content on your HDTV is to do so with an Apple TV. The Apple TV is small, it offers great resources for entertainment. Rent HD movies or rent TV shows in HD, commercial free. Stream directly from the catalog of Netflix titles (with monthly subscription plan of about $8.. Watch your favorite YouTube videos. And enjoy music and photos from your home computer on your home theater system.

The Apple TV also connects to your home computer (either Mac or Windows PC), and you'll be able to stream all your purchased music, TV shows, movies as well as podcasts and photo slideshows from your computer directly to your HDTV via the Apple TV.

The Apple TV has built in ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking as well as a wired Ethernet connection. Control the Apple TV using the included seven-button aluminum Apple Remote, or use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and the Remote app--a free download from the iTunes App Store. All you need is a single HDMI cable to set it up. So you need a cable, but only to connect the Apple TV to your HDTV. You can use a much smaller cable like this one: HDMI Cable 2M (6 Feet). The reat thing? There is no wire between your iOS device and the HDTV.

The big box stores will try to convince you that you need to pay $40 a $100 for a HDMI cable. The truth is a $2 - $4 HDMI cable will work as good.

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