Wednesday, January 4, 2012

iPad therefore my Mom Does Too

Yesterday my mother and I visited the Apple store at the Somerset mall in Troy, MI. It appeared much bigger than I remember it from May 2010 when I last visited the store to get my very own iPad. My mother had connected me just after Christmas indicating that she was ready to purchase herself an iPad. I mentioned briefly that a new iPad will most likely be announced and\or released in March or April 2012.

She proceeded with asking me to take her to get one, so I relented. I began my normal series of questions that I always ask those who express interest in getting an iPad:

Do you own or have access to a desktop or laptop computer?
Why do you want an iPad?
What do you intend to use the device for?
How much music, pictures or movies would you intend to put on the device?
If you intend to add any of the above, how do you intend to do so? Buy from iTunes or convert existing media, etc?
Which model do you think you need: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB?
Do you have an Internet service at your home? If yes, is it wireless?
Do you have access to Wireless Internet hotspot at other venues that your frequently visit like your job, friends, family or public places (Starbucks, restaurants, library)?
Do you need to have Internet access beyond these places?
Do you a preference for Verizon Wireless or AT&T?

Once we went through the questions, she decided to get the white Apple iPad 2 Tablet with 32GB, Wifi + AT&T 3G.

She also purchased a pink Smart Cover. The Apple store did not carry any third party iPad 2 cases at all.

She loves the convenience and is thankful that she did not buy another desktop computer or a hot and clunky laptop (like my dad did).

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