Friday, November 4, 2011

Amazon's "Flow" iPhone App Blends Augmented Reality With eCommerce

Amazon's "Flow" app is pretty cool.

Since Amazon's products are usually shipped free (over $25) and without (immediate) sales tax, it is cool to at a store and point your camera at a product and immediately get a price for the item.

The App is super fast. Point the iPhone, with the app open, at the cover of a book, video game, or movie and instantly get a result.

It works well with the items that it recognizes whether you are scanning a barcode, front of a physical item or a picture on a store flyer.

It doesn't recognize everything, but promises that it constantly adding new items to the database.

Obviously Amazon will collect data that can use to add items that it previously didn't carry as users reveal that they have interest in buying from Amazon.


Carl W. Brooks

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