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Dev-Team Blog - jailbreakme times 3

On Jul 8, 2011, at 12:38 PM, "bj" wrote:
> Just curious - why would I want to Jailbreak my ipad?

Jailbreaking provides options or choices for an idevice user. As far
as complications, I have seen people have complications with both a
stock iPad and Jailbroken iPad. Education is what make either

People think because Apple don't allow it, it must be bad or
complicated. There are many tweaks that make a lot of sense and make
using the iPad much simpler. Yes, you could do without them, well just
as you could do without the iPad itself - but why would you? Heck,
Apple gets most of its bright ideas right from an Jailbreak tweak or


Some choose to add OS tweaks like the ability to lock individual apps
with a password so prying eyes don't venture into them with
"Locktopus". Or use "IncarcerApp" to keep a child or someone trapped
in a game, movie or photo album so they can't venture out with the
home button. They might use "Sbsettings" to provide quick and easy
access to Bluetooth, wifi, brightness and other settings without
leaving an app. Others may use "DisplayOut" to display everything
they have on the screen to a PC's monitor or big screen TV. Maybe use
"DisplayRecorder" to record everything they do on the iPad to share
with others or for training. Use "Multifl0w" to show all open apps as
cards instead of a list icons that may or may not be actually running.
Use "Infiniboard" so that there app home screens scroll up and down in
addition to left and right, so that their games can literally be on
one page. Use "MultiIconMover" so they can move many apps from home
screen with easy and without frustration. Use "Tabs+" so they can have
more than 9 open tabs in Safari.


There are Jaibreak apps like "Poof" that makes apps not appear in the
list of apps at all, because locking someone out is different from not
letting them see that it exists. Let's say that you have an Alcohol
Anonymous (AA) app or Kamasulta (sex position) app, should anyone that
views your photos and then hit the home button have to know this too?
"MXTube" let's me download YouTube video while I am at home on Wifi
and let me watch then later when I have no Internet connection.
"iFile" let's me download and manage files on my iPad. Some people use
"Installous" so that they can try all the note-taking apps from the
App Store for free before deciding which one they want to buy. Others
use "Winterboard" because they feel it is their God given right to
customize their computers so that it is a reflection of their
personally and not a mere cookie cutter theme that looks like every
other iPad in the wild.

These are just a few of the many options that are available to
Jaillbreakers. To Jailbreak you simply go to and hit install and BAM it is done; now you
have access to the above tweaks, apps and more.

To un-Jailbreak an iPad, you simply restore in iTunes and it is back to normal.

Don't let the naysayers sway you if you are interested, go to YouTube
and search for Jailbreak iPad or Cydia For iPad and see and learn for
yourself. Education continues to be the best tool for all of us.


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