Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple's request for preliminary injunction denied, Amazon's Appstore Lives on!

Apple filed for a preliminary injunction last month claiming the online retailer Amazon was infringing its "App Store" trademark by calling its Android Market the "Appstore". Today, the judge denied that request and therefore denying that the Cupertino company's request to have Amazon immediately stop using the name. Apple says that Amazon's use of Appstore will cause consumer confusion and brand dilution compared to its App Store. Of course, this doesn't end the legal battle between these two tech titans, but it does mean that Amazon's Appstore can keep using its descriptive store name at least until the trial is completed in the fall or other actions are taken. Want the full breakdown of what the judge ruled? Dig into a copy of the order denying its motion in the source link below.

Order [PDF]

By Carl W. Brooks

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