Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paid iOS Game of the Week: A Long Way Home

As mobile gaming platforms continue to evolve, so do they level of gaming that we can get on them. The iPad and the influx of great, creative, indie games is no different. A Long Way Home created by Johnathan Mulcahy is the newest indie game to catch my attention.

The idea is basic in theory, you are an astronaut caught in space, and to get home you must collect dark matter which can be used to create a black hole. Each black hole takes you back a single light year, with you being 100 light years from home. The game becomes more challenging when you have to launch yourself between many different asteroids, as they spin in different directions.

A great change of pace for the action-adventure genre, A Long Way Home is less about quick flinch decisions, and more about slow, methodical, thought out planning.

Similar to a lot of independent games we are seeing recently, the visuals and music are superb. With a phenomenal two-dimensional design, the space backdrop is something that is great to look at. The music also does a good job of adding to the feel of the game.

Within the realm of quick pick up and play games, this is an easy choice. I can find nothing negative to say as I continue to make my long trek home, and most people will agree. Although it is slower paced I highly recommend it for $0.99 and anyone with an iPad running iOS 3.2 or later.

Source: iTunes Link

By Nolan Earl

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