Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBC App offers show information instead of allowing iPad users to view NBC shows

NBC released a free NBC iPad app today which features clips of popular shows, photo galleries, games, trivia and schedules. Users can create a custom "my feeds" dashboard for keeping track of their favorite NBC programming.

What users can't do is watch full episodes of NBC shows. So why would you want this app? I don't see a reason to get this app as it stands. ABC has had their ABC Player app available since day one of the iPad launch. It has been a personal favorite from the beginning. In fact, it have watched more ABC shows on the iPad than I have on any TV in my home. With the NBC app, this is not possible.

NBC execs apparently have missed the objective of an iPad app. This NBC app is not competing with ABC Player app which allow iPad users to view complete episodes of their shows. A recent Flurry study noted that an average of 22 million people per day look at iOS apps. That's greater than NBC's own Monday Night Football audience and just shy of American Idol's typical pull.

You can grab the app here if you want to look at trailers, clips and information, but if you want to actually watch TV programs on the iPad; get the ABC Player app instead.

By Carl W. Brooks

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