Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kickstarter: "MyPadLife - The Most Functional iPad Case EVER"

I love Kickstarter and how it allows everyday people to help other everyday folk to bring to market products. They always have great iPad apps and accessories.  Maybe someone in the group could be the next one with their idea coming to life.

I like MyPadLife functionality (not sold on the name). When I go to the gym, the iPad is the perfect tool for keeping busy while working out - except there is no way to mount the iPad on the machines.  Can't wait for this to come to market.  I am a backer, so I get my own when it does. 

This is the 2nd project I have backed. These are early products that usually don't have market alternatives.  This is not the source for purchasing ready made and ready for sale products. This is a site for supporting people with good ideas and people that need funds to make it happen. 

I recommended that you check out "MyPadLife - The Most Functional iPad Case EVER", a Kickstarter project by saad alam.

Use the search tool at the top of the site to search for "iPad" or other topics you may have an interest in. 


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