Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Create App Folders On The iPhone or iPad

Create App Folders On The iPhone or iPad
Did you know that an iPad or iPhone with OS 4.0 or later, you can create App folders to store and categorize your Apps?

This long awaited functionality will allow you to hold over 2000 Apps on your device, whereas previously it was limited to 180 Apps.

Not only can you store more Apps, but folders makes it far easier to organize your iPad or iPhone.

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to create App folders.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need
iPad or iPhone
OS 4.0 or later

1. First, in order to create App folders you need to be sure your iPad or iPhone is updated to iPhone OS 4.0 or later. Consult the manual or internet if you are unfamiliar with how to do this.

2. Next, press your finger on an App and hold until the App icons start to shake. This is the same process (up to this point) that you would do in order to rearrange Apps.

3. Next, drag one App on top of another to create a new folder containing both those Apps. A new folder icon will appear when you do this.

4. Continue to drag and drop more App icons to that folder if you wish to add them to that particular folder. That's all there is to it.

Folders will automatically be named based on the App Store category the included Apps are from. The folders can also be renamed to something more descriptive.

Bonus: Make your most important folder(s) available from any page by dragging the folder(s) unto the tray at the bottom of the page. Watch the video below.

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