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Help with decision on which iPad Model to Purchase

On Jun 12, 2011, at 12:29 PM, Lois W. wrote:

> My friend has a request. She wants to get an IPad 2 and will use it for work documents, email,photos web surfing , and reading books.
> She wonders if she should get the 32 3G WiFi Verizon or the 64 3 WiFi Verizon
> Thanks for your help

While the obvious choice is to suggest the larger storage space, I
think the question deserves a different answer. It appears as if the
friend is trying to stay around a certain price; with one choice
opting for smaller storage for the benefit of the 3G versus a larger
storage device with wifi only.

If the friend had to choose only from these 2 choices, I would go with
the 32 GB 3G & Wifi model if she is moves about from one location to
another frequently. The iPad device is a different beast WITHOUT the
Internet available.

If she will primarily be at one or two locations (like home and work)
where wireless Internet is available or if the places she frequents
have Internet too (school, doctor's office, library, etc), I would go
for the 64GB Wifi only.

Here is the kicker though. Whichever device she decides to buy, she
should consider that for an extra $100 to $130, she could double her
storage or add 3G. Sure it seems like a lot of money at the time, but
it is nothing after the fact. If later she runs out of space or
decides she needs more access to the Internet while out and about, it
will hit home; neither $100 or $130 was too much. Later the choice is
worse because she will have to try and sell her current device so she
can get the bigger iPad.

The bottom line is that if at all possible, she should get the 64GB
with the Wifi and 3G. This way she has total capacity and total


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