Thursday, May 5, 2011

New iPad 2 Commercial Highlights Its Versatility

Yesterday, Apple released a new iPad 2 commercial on prime-time TV. The idea behind the commercial is to offer various individuals’ opinions about the iPad 2.

Several apps are also featured in this commercial, among them are Keynote (a powerful presentation app able to create world-class presentations with animation and charts), Face Time (an app allowing face to face video calls with family or friends) and Alice in the iPad (an app designed for future digital reading with animation).

“A parent might call iPad 2 intuitive; a musician might think it is inspiring. Ground-breaking could be what a doctor might say about iPad 2; to a teacher iPad 2 is the future.” These are some of the ways various people might describe their tablet device.

The commercial ends with a message from Apple, or should I take it as a promise? They say that this is only the beginning, they are just getting started. All in all, the general idea is that iPad 2 is a versatile device, it can adapt to all users no matter what their background, occupation or age might be.

Let’s hope that there will be no other replicas from Motorola, as we already know the two companies had some advertising tussles in the past. You can see the ipad 2 advertisement here.

By Carl W. Brooks

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