Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top-Grossing iOS Games of Week: Tap Pet Hotel Reports Big First-Week Earnings

Who's got game? You have at least a few games on your iPad. Studies show that 81% of those under 25 years old play a game on their Smartphone at least once a month. 76% of those ages 25 to 44 years old play a game on their Smartphone at least once a month. 56% of those over 45 years old play a game on their Smartphone at least once a month. We know that the iPad has much better game play, so these numbers rise on the iPad. To keep you are play, here are this week's U.S. revenue charts toppers.

Tap Pet Hotel and Tap Zoo earning top iPhone sales, while NBA Jam and Final Fantasy III emerge as big sellers on the iPad.

These charts allow end users to see who is making the most money on the App Store that day. It differs significantly from the Top 10 Games chart, which is ranked by sales, and therefore is dominated by lower-priced titles that sell more copies.

You will notice some FREE games in the top grossing list, because some free games have in-apps purchases that obviously add up pretty quick as a whole.

Data comes courtesy of Apple's public sales information. All titles in the App Store's "Games" category are considered in chart rankings.

Zynga Poker and Kamagames' rival gambling app Texas Poker compete with Angry Birds and Words With Friends, meanwhile, as Smurfs' Village and Zombie Farm report increased microtransaction earnings after recent updates.

Here are this week’s top-grossing iPad applications:

1. Smurfs' Village (Free)
2. NBA Jam for iPad ($9.99)
3. Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99)
4. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)
5. Final Fantasy III ($16.99)
6. Texas Poker (Free)
7. Trade Nations (Free)
8. We Rule Quests for iPad (Free)
9. Infinity Blade ($5.99)
10. Scrabble for iPad ($9.99)

Smurfs' Village tops iPad revenue earnings for the second week in a row, as Electronic Arts' new iPad version of NBA Jam premieres at second place.

Square Enix claims fifth place in today's rankings with its recently released iPad version of Final Fantasy III, while Z2Live's Trade Nations and Ngmoco's We Rule Quests compete with chart mainstays Infinity Blade and Scrabble in the latter half of the top ten.

Since many iPad owners are also iPhone users, I offer this week's top-grossing iPhone titles:

1. Tap Zoo (Free)
2. Tap Pet Hotel (Free)
3. NBA Jam ($4.99)
4. Zynga Poker (Free)
5. Angry Birds ($0.99)
6. Texas Poker (Free)
7. Words With Friends ($2.99)
8. Smurfs' Village (Free)
9. Angry Birds Rio ($0.99)
10. Zombie Farm (Free)

Pocket Gems dominates today's top-grossing charts with its App Store favorite Tap Zoo and Tap Pet Hotel, which claims second place in its first week of release. Electronic Arts' NBA Jam takes third following a multiplayer update and a weekend-long price drop.

By Carl W. Brooks

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