Sunday, April 3, 2011

iAmThereforeiPad Podcast #4 - Cable Channel Streaming, Apple and eBay wins iPad 2, Scalpers sell WWDC Tickets and more.

iAmThereforeiPad Podcast #4 Sunday, April 3, 2011 (04/3/2011) is an online community that offers valuable information that allows you to make intelligent decisions towards the purchase of or use of your iPad device. They offer daily news, reviews, software downloads, polls, iPad hardware and iPad accessories. It is a valuable resource for any iPad or iOS device owner.

In the iAmThereforeiPad Podcast #4, Carl W. Brooks talks about the Cable companies and their Streaming Content, Apple and Scalpers hit it big for WWDC, How to Protect and Share your iPad, Apple is Running out of iPad 1 and iPad 2 sells big on eBay, iPad Tablets in Schools, President Obama owns an iPad and Apple turns 35 all on this week's episode of the iAmThereforeiPad podcast.

  • Time Warner Cable Execs Not Discouraged by Setbacks to iPad App Programming
  • Cablevision launches iPad app to watch TV at home
  • Apple's 2011 WorldWide Developers Conference Sells Out in one Day
  • Scalpers Resell Apple's WWDC Tickets for 2 to 3 Times the Original Cost
  • Sharing an iPad: iPad Love - Torn Between Two Owners
  • Before you Buy AppleCare for your iPad - Read this!
  • Gadget magazine Claims that The Android Atrix Beats Apple to Number 1 Spot on the T3 Hot 100
  • Apple Releases the iPad 2's First Commercial - 'We Believe'
  • Apple Online Store Running Out of iPad 1 in Apple Store
  • Individuals Sold nearly 12,000 iPad 2 through eBay
  • The iPad Tablet Makes a Fantastic Learning Tool for Learning
  • Lake Wales High Receives $1 Million Gift, Providing iPads for Students
  • President Obama Confirms He Owns an iPad
  • Apple Turns 35 - Happy Birthday, Happy Profits

    What's on my iPad?

  • Death Rally for iPad
  • Firemint adds Real Racing 2 HD

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