Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Grips Frame and Stand Provides Protection for the Toddler's iPad

My kids have been raised with technology and so safety and caution is just second nature for them. They had palm pilots, laptops and all kinds around them since they were born. While my kids had all of these gadgets around, they never had a gadget like the iPad. The best thing about the iPad is the BIG glass screen. With infants and toddlers, it is also the scariest thing about the iPad too! What if they dropped this big and expense learning tool? This is less of a concern with the Big Grips Frames by Big Grips.

Big Grips Frame™ is the iPad case made for kids. It’s big, squishy, easy to grab, comfortable to hold, and very grip-able. Big Grips Stand™ is a matching stand for working at a desk, lying on the couch, or kicking back and watching movies.

Safe, secure, and... squishy?

Yep. Squishy. As in soft, squishy, easy to grab foam. That means fewer slips, drops, and tumbles—with plenty of cushion just in case. It’s amazing how much relief Big Grips Frame brings to the table, especially when the iPad is falling from the table! No need to worry about the iPad slipping out of Big Grips Frame either. Big Grips Frame snugly hugs and cradles your iPad and won’t let go until you say so.

Big Grips Frame is not only secure and very grip-able, it’s also...
  • Non-toxic
  • Lead and latex-free
  • Phthalate and PVC free
  • Resistant to oils, chemicals, stains, molds and germs
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean

    *Please note, although Big Grips can’t guarantee the safety of your iPad, they do offer a 1-year limited warranty on Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Stand.

    Big Grips Frame Specs:
  • 9.47" x 11.57" x 1.5" (240 mm x 294 mm x 38 mm)
  • 7.125 oz. (.20 kg)
  • Easy access to all ports and controls
  • Unobstructed Wi-Fi antenna and ambient light sensor

    Big Grips Stand Specs:
  • 5.5" x 12.7" x 2.8" (140 mm x 322 mm x 71 mm)
  • 9.25 oz. (.26 kg)
  • Big, sturdy, and stable

    The Grips ($34.95) and Stands ($24.95) are available in 4 fours colors:

  • Big Grips Frame - Pink
  • Big Grips Stand - Pink
  • Big Grips Frame - Blue
  • Big Grips Stand - Blue
  • Big Grips Frame - Green
  • Big Grips Stand - Green
  • Big Grips Frame - Gray
  • Big Grips Stand - Gray

    To buy or not to buy: Yes. If you’re looking for a kid friendly case and stand combo for your toddler or preschooler, Big Grips are a great option.

    Note: The Big Grips Frame is coming soon for the iPad 2.

    Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Stand were designed by KEM Ventures, Inc., a Sacramento, Calif.-based start-up designing fresh, fun and playful accessories for iPad.

    What people are saying about it:

    Maggie says, "I recently got this case for my son who LOVES my iPad, and boy, is it great! It can literally be thrown on the floor and my iPad is completely 100% protected. Not only that, but we both love how easy it is to hold. It makes using the iPad more enjoyable because you don't feel like it's going to slip out of your hands or off of your lap all the time. I also got the stand so that I can watch movies in bed without having to hold the iPad. I simply prop it up on a big pillow and voila, I can sit back and relax. Wonderful product, ingenious idea!!"

    By Carl W. Brooks
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