Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apple Releases the iPad 2's First Commercial - 'We Believe'

Apple today released its first television commercial for the iPad 2, taking a emotional or humanistic approach and focuses on the experience of using the iPad 2 rather than highlighting the technical capabilities or any specific features.

The Apple "We Believe" ad uses black for the background instead of the white background used in it promotional launch videos. The featured apps' also have black backgrounds so that the device itself is almost invisible. This is done so that the focus is purely on the content on the screen. There are only two stars in the commercial, the content and the fingers.

Apple is making the point that the content is more important than the device that delivers it. And that everything you want to do with the tablet is accessible via the touch of your fingers. The apps or images shown on the screen are placed strategically with perfectly timed with the narrator's dialogue. The user or users in this video will be respectfully "the finger" or "the fingers".

The commercial is 31 seconds. It goes by in a flash. Here is the dialogue.

This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter...those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful...even magical. That's when you leap forward. That's when you end up with something like this.

Thought provoking? Well let's play it in slow motion.

The first image is a profile shot of the iPad 2's side with a the finger clicking down on the screen. (This is what we believe) Against the blackdrop and in total pitch darkness, the iPad 2 looks very thin almost non-existent. (technology alone is not enough.) The shot switches to two children playing "horsey back", the finger uses technology by spreading apart two fingers to zoom closer to what IS important - the children. Family is important and therefore the focal point.

(Faster) The finger nudges the screen award in a Stocks app. This screen is shown because they want you to know it is not a toy; important tasks like managing your portfolio can be done faster on the iPad then on a Pre-Tablet device.

(Thinner) The finger swipes on the iPad's screen once more to confirm, "Yes, it is thinner!" Thinner than your desktop. Thinner than your laptop. Thinner than, maybe even your Smartphone.

(Lighter) Lighter like maybe a Kindle? They didn't say it, but left it to your imagination to wonder. Apple simply showed their iBook app and let the finger turned a page. Maybe you'll stop by an Apple retail store or authorized retailer to examine the thing for yourself. Bring your Kindle along if you have one.

(Those are all good things) The Fingers get to showboat a little and do a little fast typing on the touch keyboard. Just to illustrate that you can type on a screen; the fingers knew that you were wondering about the keyboard. So forget about the keys, those are all good things too.

(But when technology gets out of the way) That is, now that you have finished with that important spreadsheet, you can forget about technology. You did know that you can do office work on the iPad, didn't you? Aren't you tempted, just a little, to do a chart as easy as sliding your finger? Yes, you would! The fingers get to pluck a few notes on a guitar - man doesn't that guitar look real?

(Everything become more delightful) Then the fingers are back to the screen, back to the photo app. Only this time with more photos. Friends, family and all the other things that makes life - well more delightful. The fingers choose one of your memories and fills the screen with all the photos that captured it. Couldn't you imagine sharing your wedding, your Children's birth or graduation with a spread of the fingers? Bet!

(Even magical) The "kid" fingers drawing the number 2 is for two reasons: to show that a kid can use it (and will) - it also drives the point that they are talking about the iPad 2.

(That's when you leap forward) The scene quickly jumps to an app where an image of the brain is being manipulated to show that this is a serious tool for serious tasks too. So this is a device for both kids and professionals? Seems to be the picture painted.

So let's let's look at all the separate pieces: a device that can be used whether you are 2 or 102 years old. A device that can help you achieve your tasks. A device that let's you to get those things done faster? What device can make this happen for you? Can any tablet make this happen for you? What do you get when you add it all up? Tell me, tell me!

That's when you end up with something
Like this...iPad 2

Life is a balancing act between the things we have to do and the they love to do - the iPad fits both sides. Believe that. See for yourself.

The new ad has been posted both on Apple's iPad page and on its YouTube page.

By Carl W. Brooks

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