Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angry Birds Rio Attracts 10 Million Downloads In Ten Days

Rovio's Angry Birds Rio, the movie-branded follow-up to mobile mega-hit Angry Birds, has been downloaded 10 million times in the ten days since its March 22 release.

The company revealed the download milestone in a cryptic tweet reading "10 in 10:-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!!" which was quickly clarified by Mobile Entertainment.

Rio was featured prominently in the launch of Amazon's Android App Store, which also came on March 22, and the title is still being offered for free on the site "for a limited time."

The 99 cent Angry Birds Rio iPhone version of the game and the $2.99 iPad version were both the top-selling games in their respective App Stores in their first week of availability, as were free iOS demos of the game.

The original Angry Birds reached 10 million paid downloads on the iTunes App Store roughly ten months after its December 2009 release, though free and paid downloads for other platforms brought that total up to 30 million at that point.

The original game saw its 100 millionth download earlier this month, and still enjoys 40 million active users according to Rovio.

Last October's Angry Birds Halloween promotional release attracted a million downloads in its first six days of availability and this month it was renamed Angry Birds Seasons to reflex St. Patrick's Day.

“The passionate consumer response to Angry Birds has been nothing short of a phenomenon, proving that the powerful consumer experiences can win dedicated players across all demographics,” said Aydin Senkut, Managing director of Felicis Ventures. “We’re very proud of the amazing success that the Rovio team has experienced since we began working together last summer. “

Rovio recently announced that sales of Angry Birds plush toys have passed 2 million units. The commitment and retention rate of Angry Birds fans remains high, as does the demand for Angry Birds virtual goods: 40% of new customers on the iOS platform purchase the Mighty Eagle (that allows the Angry Player to skip that impossible to beat level) downloadable content.

Rovio has been expanding steadily through 2010 and 2011, and has 50 employees in Espoo, Finland. Currently, Rovio is busy expanding Angry Birds to even more gaming platforms and forms of media. The company has earlier announced plans to roll out an online Angry Birds experience towards summer 2011, as well as developing Angry Birds games for all major consoles later in the year.

Rovio is not leaving one feather unturned or unprofitable, there is even an Angry Bird Rio Samba single in iTunes.

Earlier this month, Rovio Chief Executive Officer Mikael Hed said said the company is targeting an American stock IPO sometime in the next five years. His comment followed their announcement about Rocio securing 42 million in investment funding.

By Carl W. Brooks

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