Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Apple won't add the SD Card Slot Right Away, If Ever

On Mar 2, 2011, at 2:41 PM, Harold G. wrote:

> I just don't understand why Apple can't figure out how to integrate removable media into its system(s). What is the problem? With 32 gigabyte sdhc cards, they could really add value to pretty much everything they make.
> Or, to put it another way, I can't figure out why Apple doesn't want to integrate removable media into its systems.

A SD card slot would provide at least two things for the end user:
(1) a way to add to the iPad or backup certain data from the iPad
(2) additional storage space

The truth of the matter there are already methods in place to allow
data to be added to the device or backed up from it. Cloud based
services like Dropbox and Google Docs allow this to occur. Obviously
you have to be "connected" to do this. The Photo accessory available
can allow some SD cards to be accessed, so it is an option for some.
These methods would allow additional storage as well, but probably not
the storage capacity some would like.

The iOS doesn't have a traditional file system, so it isn't access the
same way. So the iOS would require an overhaul to support an external
filesystem. Is it worth the cost to do all this? Maybe, but probably
not right away.

The bottom line is that there is a much bigger pool of people who
could live within the boundaries of what the iPad offers, so Apple
won't try to be a "Be all" company of devices. The smaller number of
techies or specialized needs people are not big enough groups of
customers to warrant the expense of the add ons; those people can go
get a Xoom or whatever device caters to them.

If all devices had a SD slot, the majority of people that have them
would not use them (as on the laptops that include them).

Adding support for external storage adds complexity to the OS and the
usage of the device. As the iPad and iPad 2 stands, you can hand it
to any person (techie or grandma) and they can use it instantly.

Combine that with the iTunes ecosystem and you have a pretty simple
system that all users can understand and use The trade off is worth

So is it worth it to invest in a more complicated iOS? Eventually, but
not right away. Once the millions of more customers buy into the
device, they can roll those things out over time through software and
hardware updates. No one (that uses the iPad regularly) can deny that
the iPad, as it stand in the version 1 and version 2 designs, is a
very functional and usable device.

The both line is that the iPad would be nice with or without a SD slot.


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