Thursday, March 10, 2011

GarageBand (iPad 1 & 2) and iMovie (iPad 1 & 2) Now Available in App Store

Apple announced that two apps would be available for the new iPad 2: iMovie and Garageband. Although the iPad 2 will be available March 11, iMovie and Garageband – two of the most exciting applications so far for Apple’s second-generation iPad – are now available for download through the App Store at $4.99 each. Both applications are and has always been available on the Mac as part of the iLife software suite, but their iOS counterparts get to join in the fun!

iMovie is now a universal application for all of your iOS devices (except iPad 1), so if you’ve already purchased the app for your iPhone, you’ll be able to use it on your iPad 2 at no extra charge. New features include a multitouch precision editor that makes movie editing a much nicer experience (iPad only), multitrack audio editing with 8 themed soundtracks and over 50 sound effects, audio recording directly into the timeline, three new themes, and lots, lots more. A iMovie 1.2 app's requirement is iOS 4.2.6. The iPad 1 is currently at iOS 4.2.1 and is not on the list of compatible devices for iMovie, but I got it working on my iPad 1. This is weird because I run the iPhone version on my iPad 1 without a problem (except it looking ugly with the blown up graphics and not being able to use a camera to import video).

Garageband is available for all iOS 4.2 device including the first-generation iPad. It takes full advantage of the large multitouch display to deliver a collection of digital instruments including a keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums, that are all playable on your device. The application is packed full of amazing features that make music making for both beginners and professionals an incredibly enjoyable experience, such as the ability to hook up your electric guitar and record your music straight into Garageband.

Both of these applications work incredibly well on the iPad, and some would argue that working with them on a touch screen device is actually preferable to sitting in from of your Mac. If you’ve played around with iMovie or Garageband on the iPad, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Mac app: Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto.

App Store: iMovie & Garageband

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