Sunday, March 6, 2011

Conan O’Brien - Apple Gets Cocky About iPad 2

Conan O’Brien stands in his monologue stance and begins.

"Apple debuted the new Apple iPad 2 yesterday and they made the announcement on the Apple web site. And ah, I don't know about you, I saw the video. I personally think the people at Apple are getting a little cocky, I do - take a look."

New white Apple iPad 2 appears in the slim side view and begins to turn slowly to the full front view before the new Smart Cover is placed over the screen from left to right.

Lars Verden - Senior Vice President of Design appears and begins.

"The iPad 2 is the culmination of literally 2 to 3 meetings. It's truly incredible how little we did. We knew if we changed the color, put pictures of water droplets on the desktop, made it a little faster, added two holes with cheap cameras in them and just kind of flatten it a bit, people would just go nuts."

Graham Davies – Vise President of Marketing:

"Two of my favorite things about the iPad 2 launch is that I get to keep this tight black shirt, which I think really pops against white backdrops."

Merti Mahlo-D’que – Vice President of Dream-Telligence:

"Is iPad 2 incredible? Yes! Are you believing what I’m saying partially because I have a non-specific ethnic ascent? Absolutely!"

Graham Davies returns…

"What if customers will say, “What about me, I just bought the old iPad!?” To you I say, F%&@ off!"

The following tagline appears: iPad 2. You’ll buy it no matter what we say.

The Apple logo appears.

Watch the video below:

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