Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apple iOS 4.3 arrives Wednesday instead of Friday, March 11, 2011

At the Apple event in San Francisco last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the Apple iOS 4.3 Software Update. It was scheduled to be released on March 11 to coincide with the release of the iPad2; however, the Apple support site shows that the free update is actually available now!

Jailbreaker Warning: Don't update until you have consistent confirmation that the new iOS is JailBroken

iOS 4.3 Features

The iOS 4.3 software update includes a number of new features and improvements covered in a recent post including:

- A better and zippier Safari experience through the addition of Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine borrowed from Mac OS X,

- HD (720p) viewing via HD Video-out using Apple’s Digital AV adapter,

- Personal Hotspot capabilities for the iPhone 4, which enables you to share your 3G connections with up to five devices,

- iTunes Home Sharing that allows you to play the contents of your iTunes shared libraries on a Mac or PC and

- New Airplay features which allows you to now play videos directly from your Photos app including the Camera Roll as well as AirPlay enabled apps and websites on your Apple TV.

There are a few other new iOS 4.3 features that I had not previously mentioned.

When playing slideshows to Apple TV via Airplay, you are now able use transitions.

For Social media enthusiasts, Push notifications for comments and follow requests as well as the ability to post and “like” songs directly from the Now Playing screen, is available through Ping. Ping also features additional Parental controls.

Settings have been updated to now allow the iPad side switch to either lock the screen or mute the audio. And in message settings, you now have the ability on all devices to set the number of times you’d like to have an alert repeated.

The are also a number of the usual bug fixes, security enhancements and as well one little nifty feature that allows single tap conference call dialing; it includes the ability to include a pause which enables you to easily enter an access or passcode.

Not All Devices Supported

Now not all iPhone and iPod Touch users will be happy. The latest update, available through iTunes, works with the third and fourth-generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (GSM model) only – and of course the iPad.

Looks like wanted to let the older devices get a head start on the update so their servers don't have as much traffic on Friday as new iPad 2 owners start their activations and syncs with their iTunes (which will most likely require an update as well).

Jailbreaker Warning: Don't update until you have consistent confirmation that the new iOS is JailBroken

By Carl W. Brooks

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