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7 Reasons Why Every Networker Should Buy An iPad

YOU KNOW, I can dream-up a hundred reasons why you should probably not buy yourself an iPad or the new iPad2

That being said, no matter how hard I try to hate the new iPad. No matter how many excuses I give myself not to buy another expensive paperweight. I just can’t seem to look at the new ipad without feeling a little bit of that heart blushing feeling I got the first time I fell hopelessly in love.

That’s something special that only Steve Jobs and his “Cult of Mac” can do with his almost “magical flair” for giving the world technology that it not only uses but loves. (I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t get that feeling from Microsoft Windows, a Dell computer, or a Television set…) But, really, why would anybody “plunk down” $499+ dollars to buy something that essentially looks like an over-sized cell phone?

Here’s seven “excuses” or reasons why I believe you should “invest in an iPad…

Excuse #1: Makes Learning “On The Go” A Snap

First, if you’re like me, then there’s a good chance that you have dozens or unread ebooks on your computer. While you can read your ebooks on your desktop computer, the problem is, you spend all of your time in the same desk or chair. Your new iPad2 will give you the portability you would generally find in e-readers with much of the functionality that you have in a laptop.

Excuse #2: It’s A Crazy Good Bonus

When iPods came out you would often see businesses give them away as part of their lead generation or advertising campaign. While that might seem completely insane you have to realize that it always boils down to cost per lead, cost per click, or cost per customer. When you know your numbers you know if you can afford to give away devices like iPads in limited quantities as incentives in your advertising because you know roughly how much each lead is worth to you.

But please, don’t promote your business by tossing an iPad2 in a blender like these guys. I almost cried after I watched this video.

Excuse #3: There’s an app for that!

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing online or how you do it. I guarantee that somebody somewhere has built an application that does it better. With so many photo editing, video filming, word processing, and audio recording options on the iPad there’s almost nothing you can’t do these days. Personally, I write a lot. So I love any device or app that makes writing easy or breezy or simply gives me a chance of pace every once in awhile.

Excuse #4: Makes Social Media Fun Again

You already know how powerful social media is. It has broken entire governments and enabled revolutions. It has resurrected the careers of wacky celebrities who were once yesterday’s news. And it can make or break your business.

The problem is, nobody wants to sit in front of their computer 24/7 updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and dozens of other profiles. Nor do they want to squint at the buttons and text on their BlackBerries and cell phones. Why not save yourself a headache and get yourself the device that makes keeping up with your friends, colleagues, and prospects a pleasant task instead of a chore?

Excuse #5: Why Not “Dress for Success”?

Face it, the new iPad is the Chihuahua of the 21st century. When guys go out to pick up women they want the cutest little dog they can string to a leash. Why? Because it gets attention. Your new iPad is more than a sleek lifestyle choice. It broadcasts success. You can laugh at me if you want. But the iPad is to prospecting what poodles are to flirting.

Excuse #6 Abundance Mindset

When I started my second business venture I was more than broke. In fact, I had just had my bank accounts emptied by Visa after I failed to make my minimum payments for several months. (Yep, they can and will empty your entire bank account depending on your contract! Always read the fine print. I didn’t.)

But that didn’t stop me from working my butt off to get the old iPod. Sure, I could have put that couple hundred bucks on my interest payments. But the iPod was a reminder that no matter how broke I was I would always live a life of abundance. Within a year, I had paid off my entire Visa debt. Something I can guarantee you would never have happened if I had saved my paychecks for pleasantries like food, rent, or interest payments. There’s no shame in not having money. But when you give in to poverty, you’re more than poor, you’re broke.

Excuse #7 You’ll feel good, real good!

I’ve been a fan of Apple since my college days. That’s when I bought my first Mac and it lasted me through the several years of self-induced poverty that followed my first unsuccessful venture into business. While my Mac was reliable it was also something more to me. It was my constant companion during good times and bad. It was where I did most of my work. It was the one bit of stability in my somewhat tumultuous life at the time. It made me feel good.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you’ve got that brand new glossy iPad unwrapped in your hands while you’re sitting on your couch playing with all the widgets and “doohickeys”. You won’t even care what they do at first. But you’ll feel great. And if there’s one thing I know about Apple products.

That feeling might fade but it will never ever go away.

Some things in life are worth a sacrifice…

If you’re a fellow Mac fanatic like I am then let’s show those PC users what we’re made of by sharing this article on Twitter or Facebook, today.

Nothing against PC users but boy-oh-boy there’s nothing like a Mac…

Courtney Houde
Magnetic Sponsoring Editor

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