Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World of Goo makes a BIG splash in first month on iPad

2D Boy, makers of World of Goo (one of the newest games on my favorite iPad games list) has written a good article about their experience with porting the game to the iPad. It is good information for customers, developers and those considering getting into developing iOS apps.

"We attempted, and failed, to bring World of Goo to iPhone in the summer of 2009. Development was sporadic and slow as we worked with a series of four different contractors who, for various reasons, did not bring the project to completion. So we dropped it.  When the iPad came out, we thought we'd try again, this time with a fresh round of confidence that the bigger, more powerful device would be able to support a console quality port of World of Goo."

He responds to those critical of how hard some of the levels can be.  In all fairness, I feel this way about Angry Birds; some of those level are some hard I think the game should be called "Angry Player". 

"We playtested World of Goo extensively on six year olds, parents, grandmothers, and random people at coffee shops who either don't play games or actively avoid playing them, so we know that the game is intuitive and self explanatory.  We've also never received this type of complaint for either the PC or Wii version. What we neglected to consider is that the iOS audience might be looking for a different kind of fast-fun entertainment, where punishment for failure, no matter how slight, is not an option, and no matter how badly you play the game you always feel you have a reasonable chance of success. To address this, an updated version included a more prominently featured "skip level" button, and allows an unlimited number of skips."

2D Boy learned a deal about pricing apps in the App store.  The changed their price from $10 to $5 and have seen some great success. 

"In the first month of sales on the iPad App Store, World of Goo sold 125k copies (thanks to being prominently featured by Apple). In comparison, World of Goo's best 31 day period on WiiWare was 68k copies (thanks to a mass mailing by Nintendo), and on Steam it was 97k copies (thanks to two promotions at discounted prices). So far, the iPad version is by far the fastest selling version of the game, both in terms of number of units sold and in revenue generated."

I think we might see more apps from these two.

"What makes this even more amazing is that this is a two year old game released on a platform that is less than a year old. The iPad doesn't have the benefit of an install base built up over several years."

Check out the 2D Boy site for an extensive analysis of the iPad launch -- with charts and graphs! -- and an inside look at the indie development scene.

Get more information: World of Goo in the iTunes. 

About 2D Boy

2D BOY is an indie game studio based in San Francisco, making games the old fashioned way - a team of two, a few ideas, and a whole lot of "love". Our goal is to make games that everyone can play, with gameplay nobody has seen before.
2D Boy is a core team of two guys, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler. Their swanky San Francisco office is whichever free wi-fi coffee shop they wander into on a given day.

Kyle Gabler is one of the guys behind the Experimental Gameplay Project, and recently a game designer and magic rapid prototyper with Maxis & EA.

Ron Carmel was previously a game developer with EA's Before that, he developed visual fx software and immersive haptic simulations.

Together, they are an unstoppable force on the front lines of the indie revolution.


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