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Turn your iPad into an Extended Monitor for your PC

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Do you have an iPad and a single monitor PC (or a laptop with Windows)?  If the answer is "Yes!", then you will enjoy DisplayLink for the iPad. If you have never worked with a PC with a dual screen monitor, then you are missing out on something huge for your productivity. Adding a second monitor is huge for productivity. 

Here is information on the subject, "The researchers conducted user studies that proved the effectiveness of adding a second or even third monitor to your workstation, creating a wide-screen effect. In addition, they found out how the operating system needs to change to accommodate a larger screen area.

I'll Never Go Back!
Give someone a second monitor, let them use it for while, and then try to take it away. It just isn't going to happen. They'll never go back to a mono display. Researchers in the Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment group (VIBE), found that increasing a computer user's display space made it easier for them to complete their tasks."

Two Screens Are Better Than One:

This is based on 10 year old or more research, what are you waiting for?  To accomplish this, the PC user would typically have to purchase a new dual-port video card and a second monitor. They would be looking at hundreds of dollars to do so. As an iPad owner you can do the same for $1.99 with DisplayLink.    

The DisplayLink iPad app turns your iPad into an extended monitor for your PC. Great for improving your productivity by freeing up desktop space on your notebook or desktop computer. Just drag any open window or application on to the iPad display sitting next to your primary display. Park your browser, email, social networking site, IM, or application control console on the iPad display and avoid application view switching on your primary display.

Key Features:

  • Creates an interactive, secondary wireless display for your PC with the iPad
  • Windows 7, Vista (32 and 64bit) and XP (32bit) compatible
  • Configuration using the familiar Windows graphics display utility
  • Discovers and connects the iPad screen to your PC over your wireless network quickly and reliably
  • Operates seamlessly with other DisplayLink multi-monitor and dock products to create a rich, productive multi-monitor environment

Installation Instructions

The DisplayLink iPad app requires the installation of the FREE DisplayLink iPad host software on your PC, as well as the $1.99 DisplayLink app on your iPad. Please go to the Apple app store to install the DisplayLink iPad app.

To set up the connection:

  • After installing the PC software, you should be prompted to enter a password. Choose any password for this connection.
  • Make sure your PC and iPad are connected to the same network
  • Start the app on your iPad
  • The app will show a list of available DisplayLink enabled hosts
  • Select your PC and enter the password you set previously on the host, in step 1.
  • The PC and the iPad will connect and the extended display will now be available on your iPad
  • Monitor mode (extended or cloned) and display positioning are controlled through the standard Windows graphics control UI

System requirements

The minimum system requirements can be found in the DisplayLink knowledge database. 

I used it on both a Windows XP computer and made my iPad the 5th screen.  Yes, you heard me right - I have four monitors on my work PC.  I added it to my laptop to give me a dual-monitor setup.

I did have a problem using it with my Dell Latitude netbook which runs Windows 7 Starter and had a smaller rectangle screen than a standard laptop, desktop or even iPad screen.  The netbook just kept blinking without showing anything on the screen until I exited the iPad app. 

Watch my video below to see it in action.

Overall, I love this little app and it allows me to be more productive on my laptop, because let's face it - the iPad doesn't do everything I need to do.  With that say, I love the iPad and it has freed me from being chained to a location to do my computing.  In the times that I do have to use my PC, my iPad makes doing so even better with DisplayLink.  


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