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Touch Typing on the iPad

On Feb 3, 2011, at 10:49 PM, "The Computer Man" wrote:

> I first typed on an iPad at the Best Buy store and I went really fast and it came out perfect and it even felt like I could feel the keys. That convinced me that the touch screen was going to be ok. I have used the imac flat keyboard and didn't like it at all because the keys were flat you wandereed off center then hit adjacent keys. Now every once in a while I hear a bunch of clicking on the keyboard so close together I read what I typed and think I could not have done that without errors I am amazed that it usually is correct. The big problem is a little pinky hits the return key and I end up with a split word on a new line. The lack of cursor arrow keys is the biggest pain to have to wait for the touch screen to position the cursor and then have it move way when i pickup my finger to the wrong spot is the other pia. No palm rests either is going to cause some muscle strain. Getting used the the auto correct however but like you say there are some words that just don't work or when I miss the space bar...

I am not a touch typer at all. I was first introduced to typing on computers, but in high school I had to take a typing class using a typewriter. Being a speed typer has never been a requirement or desired by me. The company I first worked for out college still had typewriters but they were quickly upgraded to PCs at the end of the 80's and start of the 90's. I can type quite fast without looking at the keys; however, I look down at the keys about 85% of the time when I am on a regular keyboard. Since I look at the keys most of the time, I did not have a tough time converting to the iPad's virtual keyboard. My biggest issue with the virtual keyboard is that I often will hit the n or m key when trying to get a space. I have thought about using a Bluetooth keyboard; however, I haven't found the perfect marriage yet.

I have a Logitech diNovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard, but it is too small because it is designed for use when connecting your PC to your TV. I have looked at the cases with the built-in keyboard, but they are still not a full size keyboard and often are missing just enough keys to make it a little bothersome. I have thought of using a folding Bluetooth keyboard from my Palm Pilot days, but they are nit the best keyboard since the iPad won't mount in the tiny cradle slot design for a PDA. Plus trying to balance a keyboard and the iPad on the same lap doesn't appeal to me. A full size keyboard would be ideal, but I would never hardly be in a spot where I can use it enough to justify the cost.

I use the iPad the most while standing. When I am not standing with the iPad, I use it the most on the bus, couch and bed. Neither of these positions are best for a Bluetooth keyboard to be used, so I use the virtual keyboard most of the time. If you have even read any of my post, I am not short of text. I type quite a bit text or I don't usually bother typing the thought at all. I love the idea of a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad, but just hasn't proven to be worthwhile for me yet.


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