Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man said WalMart sold him fake iPad

ATLANTA, GA (CNN) - A Georgia man is claiming WalMart sold him a fake iPad and now the company won't refund his money.

The iPad Ken Lemal bought is more like a liePad. The case is fake, the glass, the picture on the screen, everything is fake, but to Lemal the problem is very real.

Lemal still has the iPad he bought from the WalMart store even though he went and purchased another from an Apple store.

Lemal took it to a 10 year veteran Apple technician who gave him the answer.

"This is obviously not a real iPad," said Myles Foley, the Apple technician. "This looks to be a store display."

Foley said there's a name for what likely happened, a brick in the box return. Someone probably bought a real iPad, then switched in a fake and returned it for cash.

Lemal said he told management he got stuck buying a restocked iPad prop.

"They should go ahead and give me my money back, but they decided I was the one that put it in the box, and it wasn't their fault," Lemal said.

Lemal wants his money back and figures the only way to go about it now is a lawsuit.

A WalMart spokesman said they'll continue to investigate Lemal's matter and plan to respond to his claim through the legal process.

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